June 17th, 2008


Tuesday, June 17

(I look like an axe murderer in this picture!!!!)

Ok... I am getting a little pissed off about the way mother nature is screwing with my plans.
It's been over a month now... trying to get a "planned day off work" to jibe with two days of good weather... so I can take Geo and his buds to the Brockville skatepark.
Tomorrow was supposed to be the big day... but alas... more freaking rain and ... sadly, Geo is home today with a sore throat.
So it looks like I'll be working tomorrow. Ah well... Golf on Friday. So the week will end on a high note. :)

~ First "status" meeting with the client-boss at 8:00 and then a couple of interviews and mad writing of minutes etc. :)
~ (status meeting went awesome!!!! :D)
~ go for coffee... and GET A MASSAGE... the "health and safety" group at this client's organization sponsored this deal with six "massage chairs" (versus massage-tables) and these masseuses that aim to please. I'm like "Are you looking for volunteers?" and presto... next thing I know, my eyes are closed and I'm trying not to moan loudly as this woman does a full-on head, shoulders, arms, and back massage. I think she called it "Aman" style massage. What ever it was... it was fantastic. I especially love the arms bit. As much as I love a back massage... If I have my way... I get them to focus on my bum, legs, arms, hands and feet... in that order. Sweet god... (ps. chiropteraclan ... I swear to you ... some day I'm going to make you mine... well, sort of "mine". :D :D :D :D :D)
~ back to my "company office" after the lunch hour. I VVVVVVVVVASTLY prefer to my writing there... instead of here in the land of dead air and crummy lighting.
~ for grrrrrrrrrrrowl to get past the serious toothy - ouch zone. :(
~ that moxielass is careful what she wishes for... Now that Alex can stand... running is just around the corner. :D :D
~ and to kind of randomly just wish for my bratha, ayoub to have an excellent day! :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to little sugar-mouse... (mousieo). May this day be well celebrated ... and I hope the year ahead gives legs to the promise of happiness and the kind of satisfaction you can't really talk about in front of children. :D

I don't agree with the ongoing military engagement in Afghanistan.
However... if we're going to send our kids there to die horrible deaths and suffer disfiguring injuries...
I don't understand why we have to do with half measures.
Khandihar City? Jail Break? Rocket attacks on the Jail and then 400 of the Taliban soldiers our Canadian troops died to capture get out?
What? The news is all about how these Talibanites (yeah, just made up the 'ites bit) are in some specific area marshelling their forces for a major offensive????
One word guys...
Why screw around and get shot by these guys and blow resources and lives like mad to once again collect 'em up and have them busted out of jail again????

You ever have one of those "I rock" days?
I know the karma thing... Craptastica usually follows close on the heels of "I rock" days...
However... that deserves a real "Screw that" vibe.
I mean... if anticipation of something bad makes you mess with something good...
Well then you're suffering twice and losing out on the whole "good" side.
Life is hard enough without actually walking away from the good parts.
So, today... I rock.

Thank you for that smile.
It makes me feel so comfortable...
And it makes me just "want" to be nice to you.

~ and then I vanished in the happy background of weird weather and great music.
(no seriously... Killing Heidi ... totally awesome band)
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