June 15th, 2008


Sunday, June 15

K... I am just not getting the "bed head" thing done like I used to... and having very little hair plays a big part in that challenge. :)

Welcome to Sunday... and let there be sunshine!! :D

~ well... it is sunday... so I should do some chores...
~ and... it is sunday... so I should get some groceries...
~ but... it is fathersday... so I should slack off and go skateboarding...
~ decisions decisions...
~ that the many dads on my FL here in la la land... are getting some pampered moments this morning. :)
~ to point out that Weeds Season Next Starts Tomorrow!!

As the eyeballs of America now focus more closely on that which they have wrought...
Let me please remind you that what makes Oblam-blam-blama such an appealing candidate...
Is exactly the stuff that's going to piss you off if you get all critical on his ass.
You want someone who is not a savvy inside man from the DC elite.
You want someone who will make small mistakes in dealing with the media.
You want someone who will not be freaking George The NutBar Bush.

No seriously... It's time for someone new to form new connections and set new trends in the Federal Space.
Don't let Obama's inexperience suddenly make McFrenchFry look like a good choice. !!!!

We drove out to Morrisburg (hola badaboom - where ever you are!) to go the Medieval Times fair at Upper Canada Village... even though Edward went to the same fair on friday from school... :) And there was much fun to be had.

It is sweet sweet air.
Filling you up, and swimming your eyes.
To feel the little hands closing on your fingers...
And sleepy snuggles tucking into your body.
Love and fatherhood...
... the sweet stuff of endless happiness.

~ peace out.