May 30th, 2008


Friday, May 30

~ picture in need of a caption. :D

Beeeeeautiful day... right up until it started to rain. :(
So a weekend of rain awaits and that makes a whole week without going to the skatepark.
This does not make me happy.

~ up today to go zooming downtown ... and spend a day coping with the job zone. Not as much fun ... as it could be.
~ quick dinner... and then off to the car people ... we have an Infinity G35x in the garage ... on an official "overnight" test drive. Awesome car. If they make a good enough offer on the maxima... we may well be buying this freaky freaky car. :)
~ visit my SIL at their new house... They moved yesterday. They have one of the very cool "new" (new to us North Americans) on-demand water heaters. No tank. Very groovy.
~ watch the LOST season finale... oh man!! When this show began... I had no idea how they could keep it up for more than maybe two season... TOPS... now? It's never going to end!!
~ that tonya holds onto the winning streak...
~ for pasticcio to not miss her too much...
~ to send a hug out to cattarina...
~ and for honuhoney... to roll around in some happy. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday gliterybuterfly... may the year ahead keep you healthy, happy and loved.
And to my distant and long time friend... ajose Happy birthday my geeky friend. May there be a little linux hidden around many corners. :)

So, Shirley Manson is going to get a recurring role in the next season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (in the fall).
How totally great is that!! :)

... yeah... so,
I give you Kenneth.
My new yoga instructor.

Words fail...

I would like to kidnap the writers from LOST,
Take them to an island,
And torture them until the answered all my questions. :)

~ I hope [ :: you're :: ] having a great friday night...
Smile... somebody loves you.