May 29th, 2008


Thursday, May 29

Crazy beautiful sunshine and ten kinds of glory...
And not a minute spent in a skatepark! :(

Ed's home again today... I set him to work painting his castle, after he got sick of laying in his bed.

Oh!!! And I finished the basement... as in a "moment in history" finished!!
All done.
Smarty pants dance time.

I'm trying to get the youtube video up but it won't be ready till later tonight.

~ finishing a web site update... for the external site... (and it's done)
~ starting the internal site update... wont be done till tomorrow.
~ waiting for the Sears Home Service truck to arrive... (Between 1 - 5!) and it's 2:50... with nothing!! grrrr...
~ going to a big ass company "Sector Meeting" for 4:00 (till 8:00) somewhere downtown...
~ more castle work tonight. :)
~ to smile at sparklegrrl... and her huge hug... :D
~ that lisabella finds some peace... (wwwwway more fun),
~ and "happy adjusting" to none_too_subtle... I hope things stabilize! :)

"The American President"
you know... Michael Douglas, Annette Bening...
This is one of the top five movies for me... out of "all of 'em".
It holds a position in the "top five" because... I NEVER GET TIRED OF IT.
Granted, I fast forward through all the Senator Bob Rumson stuff... because he's boring.
But the romantic, adorable, wonderful parts... are just so romantic... so adorable... so wonderful. :)
Her sister with the "Do you think your standards are just a bit too high?" moment... LOL.
The Dance!!! or... god... the part at the end when she shows up at the oval office right when he's demanding his car to go find her...
No seriously...
I know I know... no death, explosions or naked people... but seriously I just can never get tired of that movie.
And it's on TV so often... I don't even own it. :)

RESTRAINING ORDER? Restraining Order my ass!
Geez... you think you know a girl... treat her right...
Follow her around... out to her little Wii Car,
Hang out in those bushes beside the little Wii house...

We have my SIL's tortuous shell pussy cat. Today is their big "moving day" so we got the cat last night and giver her back tonight.
Definitely not happy to be here... Little miss growley pants!!!

~ k... gotta go get into Suit Boy clothes...