May 28th, 2008


Wednesday, May 28

~ forehead much?

Total suit boy all day...
I'm back home again and all decked out in cargo shorts and a gap sweat shop tee...
but yeah, doing the tie thing and working on my strut.

As expected, the day started seriously cold, got windy... became glorious... and here we are. :)

~ a day at the races... or sliding through the sales-guys-offices...
~ several frantic phone calls ... and even managed to get a little wheeling and dealing done on a new (used) car purchase for suz...
~ fricking cars... so much money gets dumped into the car game that it kinda makes me throw up in my mouth a little. :(
~ I was eating a big ol "angus burger" from a real restaurant... right... now.... ! er... with cheese.
~ to just send a smile and a little of that lj love out to indigobluejelly... just because...
~ for monday to pack in a few good choices for chiropteraclan
~ that honuhoney cleans up all the drool on that pillow...
~ and that i_beckygardens gets straight answers.

Birthday moments...
In far away France... and from last weekend... a very happy birthday wish goes out to morganofthefay. May the joy of family and the love it holds be yours ... without end, as this year ticks away the days.

So do you know applelard? She's the girl with my fav icon... (le sigh).
She's also mom to a lovely little Nathan.
Well, it's time for a little Lj Magic! :D
Go and visit her at [ :: this public post :: ] and click into "rate my adorable child's photo" land.
'es adorable and you're vote will make a difference. :)

Yeah... so Trixie... little miss distracted... seems to have stepped into Ken's job and is putting the moves on my Suz.
Totally caught her giving out the "Oh you've got great balance." and some of that "well done!" like it was her own brand of honey.
I totally laid it down man. I know she's digging me, so I let her know it's all about staying focused.
I'm pretty sure I got through to her.

There's not a whole lot more depressing than spending hundreds of dollars on a car you intend to trade in!!

K, see ya.
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