May 27th, 2008


Tuesday, May 27

Brrr... wake up after a night of big crazy shivers. I woke up and closed the windows at some point... but I don't remember it. :D
It's gray... wet... windy and very cold.
Of course, the sun has since come out and eased everything up.
But it's still a brr day for May's end-game.!!

I was thinking Ed would be at school today... but alas... earwax.
He's still not up to it. I'll have to be careful not to let him think ... you know... "complain and get out of school".
But I feel confident about yesterday and today.
We'll see about tomorrow.
He should be back in the school tomorrow. He's doing lots better.

~ work issues... issues!
~ work'en on the castle...
~ wake up with yoga moments...
~ that prasava makes her way to the bungalow...
~ for sweet relief to find evangelinaarion
~ and to point out that if you don't know cynnerth... well you're missing a great journal. :)

I read that some woman is suing Nintendo because her Wii Fit called her daughter fat.
The fact that her daughter is a porker... and that it is totally the mothers fault if the child is unhealthy in her fatness... never comes up.
Only that she wants to sue because a game console offended her.
Bite me... and take your porker to McDonalds a few less times per week.


So hottie Trixie wants to date me. I mean, she didn't say it or anything but I can tell.
You know, like ... always bending over in front of me... telling me I'm great...
er... and yeah, she said we should go out for drinks sometime...
she did too.
shut up... She digs me man. I know it.
Funny though... she seemed a bit distracted.
Must be family stuff.

Sometimes I could just scream.
Just say'en...

~ :(