May 26th, 2008


Monday, May 26

~ Yoga boy. :) Do'en the tree baby...
(although the palm tree is more fun... and I tend to fall over less often. :D :D)

And then the rain came.
Despite all the weather webs that blathered on about a 20 degree sunny day.
Reminding all of us, once again, that the weather-idiots know absolutely nothing.
No seriously. They just make shit up and we guiltily eat it like it's foie gras.

~ yoga first thing...
~ web work... finished last weeks mental mad-dash through documents and now I gotta make it work in a re-vamp of our part of the company web site.
~ after work? Totally a castle night. :) Got lots to do and only a week before he brings it in.
~ for the alien in sassy_red_head to definitely NOT tear through her abs, pop out and go hide somewhere waiting to scare the cat. !!!!
~ that innerly... takes it all one-day-at-a-time... :)
~ and that notcharming doesn't get in trouble beating helpless asian translator girls in airports... :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday out to my little sugar-ginger (ginger_g). I hope the world treats you with all the respect you deserve and that you save time to let good friends love you.
And to the mostly long lost indigojo... Happy birthday jo-jo. I hope that somewhere out there... you are well and able to smile on your birthday.

So it's all about O-Blam-Blam-Blam-a now.
Thanks... in no small part... to The Clintonator stuffing her mouth full of Bobby Kennedy.
Spaz. One has to wonder how all the folks that have been handing over their cash to her feel on a day like today. :D
I have to admit... I'm very much relieved to see that I will likely not be subjected to several years of her insane-o-woman smile in the news.


So... Trixie... my Wii trainer... I think she likes me.
She's like all "You have perfect balance..." and "way to go" with me.
Every time we get together she chats me up, asking me how I feel, paying attention and stuff.
Oh, and she always asks me if I want to check her out from the back (nudge nudge...)
Yup yup... she digs me.
And, like, she's wicked flexible ... maybe a bit young, but that's ok.

My little Edward has come down with a summer-cold (he calls it a "warm").
Poor guy is totally stuffed up and cough-eee. :( :(
He's on the sofa absorbing more sponge bob...
I think I'll go give him a hug. :)
~ See ya.
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