May 23rd, 2008


Thursday, May 22

~ scary huh... :D

Rain... torrential rain...
Rain rain rain rain...
sunshine. :)

Pretty much the whole day.

k.. I've had a long day.
My back is doing better.
But all the busy isn't quite done yet.
Suz and I had a big "Wii Fit" go after the kids went to sleep...
Now I'm all tuckered out.
I wanna watch a show and get some sleep.
Oh... and I have to make the lunches.

~ get a signed reference from a US Fed agency...
~ watch a guy fix part of our water treatment system (we call the water-room "three mile island"... lots of gear in there)
~ planning to go downtown and "get my pin"
~ go a bit mental trying to edit a pdf... ended up putting white buttons (with white borders and white text) over the words I needed to edit out. :)
~ discover Wii Fit. (OMG... how freaking cool is this!! the balance games and the yoga are awesome!)
~ maybe watch Lost ... but it's getting late.
~ for chiropteraclan ... to listen to her gut.
~ I get to see razzberee's picture with the stetson. :)
~ and that life would hurry up and get amythyst to a place where marks don't matter anymore.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a long lost jo-burg girl... frizzed. I hope things are good in the land of you. :)
and happy birthday to a long lost girl in Turkey (reeris). I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your birthday.

So I guess the poops all over the fan in Texas.
Creepy gene-pool-madness land wins their day in court.
It doesn't change the fact that you guys live on a ranch called "Yearning For Zion",
and apparently "Zion" in FLDS-speak means "lots of wives".
Just rename the place "Stepford" and be done with it.

I'm looking forward to renting National Treasure II this weekend. :)
I love movie night. Love!!!

Familiarity is mistakenly thought to produce thick skin.
"If you prick us do we not bleed?"
Everybody bleeds.
Even the folks you've started taking for granted.

~ see ya. :)

Friday, May 23

a beautiful day...
tad bit on the windy side...
and the exact moment I'm bracing to dive through the skatepark?
Rain... downpour.

ah well. :)

~ a lot of black...
~ black plaid boxers
~ black jeans, black tee.. um... white lettering. :)
~ [ :: like this... :: ]
~ Yeah... was thinking I had all kinds of client visits to make... Nope.
~ so more internal documentation work...
~ skatepark... which started with a short lunch with Suzy and then me, just arrived and standing in the skatepark ... when it starts to pour. :(
~ rented National Treasure II for Movie Night. We're having a big fondu (kids fav thing) and then dessert in the theater with NT2. :D
~ oh for a whole lot of things that pretty much make me a hedonist... so I'll bite my lip.
~ to send a smile to Little-c (carorules)... just 'cuz it's nice when she's all smiley...
~ for my Editor... (er well, someday) my Misha (willedit) to find her way to some big smiles of her own...
~ to send a little cryptic snip snip, bzzzzzzzzzz out to darkbay
~ and to make a quiet little with for kristiseriously... something about plans, something about dreams.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday canadiankimmie! I hope the days and weeks of a busy life are times well spent (besides work, that is) and that you've left lots of room for fun.
And to a wonderful woman... Happy birthday sugar-twi (twilightsm). I hope there are the sorts of surprises in store for you this year ... that leave you grinning from ear to ear. :)
And for tomorrow... 'cuz I'm sure I'll be busy. :D
A very happy birthday to jloopy. I hope all the little birthday moments this year... add up to a great set of memories. May the year ahead keep you healthy, happy and loved. :) (call me capt'n hallmark). :D

Did you read about how Turkey brokered some secret negotiations between Israel and Syria?
Yessiree... and after how many gazillion dollars of US Taxpayers money have been tossed at Israel in abortive, downright embarrassing efforts to pave a road towards peace...
Turkey waddles up the table and pecks out a deal.

No SERIOUSLY... my whole family woke up today groaning from aching muscles after an evening of Wii Fit.
I am agog at how the concept of the Wii has morphed into something so completely different than a "game console". :)

I wanted to make a little big deal out of wishing the very best for kitiara and her hubby-to-be commander_zero.

From days barely remembered...
when you toiled over some geeky ERP system... was it oracle?
the joys of "truck",
your hair colour,
your wonderful vanity,
and quite simply being one of the most lovely and well spoken smarty-pants girls I've ever encountered...
(and I'd have said "people" instead of "girls" but there's just no denying the whole girl thing... :D)
From all of that...
to travel,
mad love,
and the awesome challenge of the police academy...
Here she is, a day away from her wedding.
You have been remarkably kind ... to me and so many others...
It must certainly be written in the stars that life is going to spend a great long time rewarding you.
May the occasion of your wedding be truly a celebration of great happiness and joy.

~ k... see ya. :)