May 20th, 2008


Tuesday, May 20

k'... I need a haircut... huge! and no, you can't tell from the picture.
[ :: how about in this one? :: ]
~ hair cut on the sched for tomorrow.

So... yesterday was the holiday Monday we get for the Queen's birthday. I don't think her birthday is until tomorrow... if that's even it... but never-the-less... a day off is fine with moi!
I put time into the ceiling project... It's getting dramatically close to finished. :) HUGE Milestone in the life and times of corto... to finish that last straw of the basement project (except for the currently ugly trim in the hallway downstairs... but that's fixable... not so much "project element" as it is a "fix it" element. :D

We were good and lazy yesterday. :)

Today, however, was a very busy day.
Fricking dryer (Whirlpool "duet sport" front loader) is acting up... it's less than two years old and ... it's "leaking" "not drying" and generally being a pain. So I called service (seeing as we paid for extended service) and guess what... We get to wait till NEXT THURSDAY for the service call.

Dear Sears Service: Bite me.

Called "culligan" (Hey Culligan Man! - omg, you have to be OLD to remember that...)
The seal on the "alum feed tank" is blown.
What's an "alum feed tank" you ask?
We add alum to our well water, and then it goes into this big ol'retention tank and the alum drags microscopic bits down to the bottom of the tank. This gets drained monthly, while the rest of the "iron filter", "water softener" and - for the drinking water "reverse osmosis" takes over after the retention tank.
Such are the slings and arrows of "well water". However, by the time the water comes out the little tap... it's better than any bottled water you can buy.
So yeah... we got good water, but a blown seal on the alum tank.
Service for that comes on THIS Thursday... beating Sears by an entire week!

~ Ok... getting the "stupid levels of work" zone... and I can just see it! I'll get a contract and boom... all this stuff will be half-done... grrrrr.
~ skatepark at lunch...
~ file my nails in a brave show of patience for the crazy vibe at work.
~ Octoberfest sausages at dinner...
~ and castle for dessert. :)
~ that Numbers was a better "acted" show... but still... I can enjoy it. :)
~ I had a devil mask, so i could go and kick minarets ... just for fun.
~ for good things to show up for whatilove...
~ to thank jethro for sharing...
~ and that frostbyte stops being a big baby. :) (ar ar ar ar)

Birthday moments...
From yesterday... a very happy birthday wish out to Tess... (geekgrrrl). A remarkable woman in every way there is to be remarkable... every good... every glorious way there is to be remarkable. :) May this next year keep you safe... show you loads of love and hold your family in healthy hands. :)
And to wallacebear a happy birthday wish for today. I hope you were treated to a great day and that you are safely back or soon heading back... in the east. :)

Contrary to what most people who know squat about this but think their hot shit because they feel all moral and stuff...
There are so many more difficult social problems associated with Pot being illegal than there would be, if it were legal... that it's kinda scary that it's still illegal.
From grow houses, overcrowded jails, backed up legal systems, and scarce policing resources to the sudden and ridiculous manufacture of criminals - made from freshly squeezed teenagers... it boggles the mind that something as harmless as pot continues to be such a giant problem.
You know... all the initial research and legal foundations for the "controlled substance" handle was actually fake... simply "made up" crap that was sold to the legal system as science.
It's funny how people think that simply by making it "not a criminal offense" we would suddenly be overrun by pot heads.

Ever have that feeling that you wanted to say something... but can't remember what it was?
Or is that just because I'm over forty?
What were we talking about?

Did you know that sesame seeds, randomly stuck to your face, make STUNNINGLY excellent fake white-head zits. No really.
Scary stuff man. :)

~ okidoki... I still can't remember what I was gonna say before... so I'll talk to ya later. :)