May 18th, 2008


Sunday, May 18

~ and you thought I wasn't going to post today... :)

Today started with radiance... but has diminished to something a bit more on the gray side.

Last night... after a day of being dad to the guy who had a sleep over with a couple of likely lads... skatepark and a shopping mall...
so, yeah... last night... it was like the whole week of high-energy-corto caught up with me and I was a zombie baby... serious zombie. I think I slept on the family room floor from 7:00-10:00!

Oh, and I finished season one of Burn Notice. !!! Just in time for Season two to start up. :D

~ up a bit early to meet with a guy from a landscaping company... as we begin plans for a new front walk...
~ off to [ :: camp otterdale :: ] for their open-house-day... We've signed up Geo for a two week stay this august... and after today, Ed seems interested. We'll see.
~ spaghetti for dinner... and Dr. Who for dessert.
~ also downloaded the first two epi's (first season) of 30 Rock... we've never seen a moment of that show. So we'll see about that too.
~ that things come together in the Kit Zone... er... kitiara
~ to thank indigobluejelly for ... well, just for being a good egg.... May there be many many shoes. :)
~ to sing the George Of The Jungle song to katie8471... especially the verse that ends in "watch out for that tree!!!".
~ and to tell zaxwrit that the trick is to remember to brush off your sox (ankles) and shoes before coming back in the house... oh you lawn cutting maven you...

I've come to the likely unpopular conclusion that Burma can sink or swim... and it's not our job to force the issue.
There's enough for the general "us" to do to help in the world that we need to not spin our wheels with a nation that refuses to accept out help.
I know... I know... the people... the children.
I get it.
But it doesn't change the fact that they are a sovereign nation and they have emphatically told "help" to bugger off.
Like I said... our help is welcome elsewhere and our help is not without limits.
So there you go.

Dear Battlestar Galactica:
Best... fracking... show... ever.
Well... top five for sure!!! (Can never get firefly out of my head! - but that was a diff kind of cool).

I make a point of giving women in hijabs or headscarves or whatever... a smile with hint of "shave that and bring it to my tent"... just to mess with them.
This - I am sure - marks me as horrible... and likely for death.
But what the hell.

PS. Dear Anybody with MP3 connections.
I'm looking for Our Lady Peace - Not Enough - the live version.
Any ideas... :)