May 16th, 2008


Friday, May 16

Hiya... :)

~ to the school... time to have a talk with the VP
~ then it's off to a boss-man meeting at a local star-bucks.... I like those meetings.
~ follow that with a bigger-boss-man meeting downtown...
~ then quietly change into crappy clothes in the washroom... and head to the "other skatepark" (bigger trippy-er park called "legacy park") for the lunch hour.
~ zoom from there to Tim Hortons and pick up a couple of huge coffees for Suz and her sister (they work beside each other)
~ and home again to round out the day editing documents...
~ tonight? The epi of Lost we didn't watch last night...
~ and I have Charlie Wilsons War... we'll see if we get to that... :D
~ crazy at it sounds... I wish I had a shit load more time to skate. !!!
~ to congratulate mapomme_desang ! (now... be careful!!)
~ that the whole world would "just know" that carorules is perfect... just the way she is... period.
~ for things to get sorted for lisabella's main squeeze...
~ and for gillian16 to have a plethora of spoons. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish out to my long long long-time friend galebird. May there be answers... patience... comfort and love. Just a whole lot of that!! :)

Project Maple was scrapped.
This scares me... considering that the Chalk River reactors should have been put out of their misery 10 years ago!!!!
I don't know who to be afraid of... the government or the AECB. (Atomic Energy Control Board).

Kids were being kids and playing a game kids play...
Sadly, one of the kids got teased and everyone ended up being talked to by the principal.
In another stupid pathetic - and I know I know... but in my opinion it's stupid - zero tolerance land reaction, Geo arrived home yesterday with his tale of whoa. (is that how you spell "woah?") hmmmm.
Pretty straight forward issue... with reasonable consequences at the school. Recesses for a few days are spent in the office looking contrite.
I'm good with that.
But when a sub-teacher takes it up a notch and tells the boys "You could be charged!!! This could go on your criminal record and affect your job possibilities in the future!!!",
Well... I get a little fricking steamed.
First... If it's so bad you have to threaten the kids with criminal records... you damn well better be on the horn to me ASAP so I know the story from your point of view.
Second... you lying twat... Lie to my kid... expect me in the VP's office to demand a pound of flesh.
So... pound of flesh was got... and all is well again in the land of my boys and school. :)

If I was any more impressed with [ :: you :: ] I'd have to hop on a jet and come get you!

~ have a wonderful weekend. :D