May 13th, 2008


Tuesday, May 13

Yeah... kinda grimacing there... That's about 10 minutes after doing something stupid that gave me a lovely chance to roll around on the pavement. Thank goodness for many daddy-pads. :)

It's ... simply the most perfect day yet this year. Mother nature may be bitching out elsewhere, but she's positively orgasmic around here.

~ up early with the boys... feed 'em and pack 'em off to school...
~ then straight into the books. Actually straight into a powerpoint presentation. :D Totally eats the rest of the morning.
~ sorting out client sales initiatives all afternoon... having spent a lovely lunch hour at the skatepark... (forgetting the full body slam 15 minutes after I got there... ug).
~ no idea what to make for dinner... but I'm having some Dr. Who for dessert. :)
~ to send some good mojo energy out to debby... and the hope that all is well with mom. :)
~ that dear chiropteraclan finds her way to the door-into-summer ... figuratively speaking.
~ for pageeater to get some good mother nature...
~ and to thank innerly for sharring. :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday lil'Marianne... from your pall, Giligan. :D Sweet bitchcakes_xo!! I hope all is well and that the year ahead keeps you safe and loved.

Had me a Tiananmen Square moment...
Went for a walk with Suz this afternoon... our 'hood is like a giant letter "P" with the outer curve of the P being the last homes to be built. The houses on the "staight line" and at the "top of the curvey part" were finished first. There's not sidewalk on the upper curve... (and the whole deal is on a big hill), so the "homeowners association" has an agreement with the builders that the construction traffic will ONLY use the right hand turn at the bottom of the curvey part instead of driving GIANT HUGE AMAZINGLY MASSIVE dump trucks up the hill and around the top of the curve. It's a safety issue as well as a "hey... you have a choice... big noise where we are or big noise where nobody is..." thing.
So as we are walking up and around the top of the "P" this dump truck comes along from the construction zone... so I do a "stand in the road" thing - hence the Tiananmen Square reference - and ask him why he's ignoring the "construction traffic this way" signs. Of course, big doppy truck driver dude has to be a smart ass... so one quick call and the trucking company is getting reeeeeeeeeeeemed out. Dick head. Don't mess with the prez man. :D hahahahahahaa...
(hahahaha... the same driver just went past with his little punk signal on to make the required right hand turn) LOLOLOLOL...

The castle is coming along wonderfully. But no pictures till we get some paint on the "terrain" area.
The dry-wall plaster on the styrofoam was truly inspired.

ps. Huge family picture from the Mothers Day get together. :) (that is my lovely Aunt Sue front and center in white - and me right behind my mommy's head.).