May 8th, 2008


Thursday, May 8

See, instead of going back to bed from 7:15 to 8:15 ... seeing as my commute is to "walk across the hall", this gets me to work on-time. ... so instead of going back to bed, I sat down and watched another epi of Burn Notice. Gotta say, I like that show. I like anything with a) Bruce Campbell b) hot girl with an Irish Accent... and the dude is great.

~ A day unlike any other... er, oh wait, that's backwards.
~ A day just like yesterday... except not skate park. Just work.
~ although... my dear Auntie from Kamloops came over. She's visiting family... and we're planning a big get-togeher on Mommy's Day.
~ so "entertain" auntie this afternoon for a coffee. She's sure got some groovy stories. Oh, and my cuz... one of her sons, has been working for Robert Bateman for over 20 years... yeah, that Robert Bateman. I had no idea. :)
~ Survivor and LOST are on tonight... I hope it's a new LOST. :)
~ to send some hopeful-vibes out to bronxelf_ag001
~ that sylvidoptera and her oral fixation... are getting along well...
~ for nontradstudent to give herself a break... !!
~ and that nbbmom doesn't... um... you know... find one in her sox or hair... ahhhhhh!

If you look around, you can see the signs of war everywhere.
The thing is... it's all around you.
I'm not talking about Afghanistan or Iraq...
I'm not on about the War On A Noun (terror)...
I'm talking about the stupid punk-ass war on Teenagers.
What exactly is the problem?
I mean... you're the guys that grew up in the sixties with "the man" giving your teen-age ass a hard time...
So what's going on? Are you still so mad that you figure you should pass it on? Some kind of sick "pay it forward" thing?
Everywhere you look there is something going on to screw with teenagers.
Maybe it's a "noise generator" in shopping malls that you can only hear - and be offended by - when your ear is youthful (teenage).
Or it's a crisp new sign reminding you of how big the fine for skateboarding is, while the roller blades and bikes scoot on past.
Or maybe... it's the pathetic way the schools have decided that teenagers will spontaneously explode into murdering whack jobs.
CLUE: More adults kill other adults and children every week in America than teenagers have killed in schools in the last decade.
I am sincerely and seriously upset about the way things have become so crazy in this modern-day war against The Dreaded Teen.
CLUE2: You're all going to be pissing in diapers and praying that the doctors and nurses caring for you have forgotten how shitty you treated them when they were teenagers.

The Oprah-Bot had the Cher-Bot on today...
Oprah was wearing a bedroom curtain all wrapped around her and Cher... was mostly in skin.
Did you know that if you combine their ages... Cher still has the scariest cheek bones on earth.
Oh, and here's Tina Turner too.
Oprah, Cher and Tina... holy wig city!!

I got a lump.
It's not a scary blind zit from hell.
But it's not "free floating" so it's not cancer...
But it's a lump. ... on the back of my right shoulder.
I gotta go to the doc and get sorted on a lump-ectomy.

~ See ya. :D