May 7th, 2008


Wednesday, May 7

k... it's raining. I'm glad I got my digs in at the park over lunch.
I'm looking at the lawn and imagining that it's gonna need to be cut soon.
This is big fun... 'cuz of the tractor. And ... *AND* I am curious to see if Geo can reach the peddles effectively this summer. :D ar ar ar...

ps. Four new babies on my FL in the past couple of months. You guys are just incredible. I feel so fortunate to get to read your stories... and see your little babies. I am truly grateful. :D

~ more-of-the-same with work ... making myself busy with business development work... (life without a client... not my fav)
~ skateboarding before it rains...
~ pasta for dinner...
~ do some paper-mache work on the castle... :D
~ um... what's on tonight?
~ for productivity to find pageeater
~ that little-c (carorules) has a great time tonight...
~ for peace to find militantmomma on her work days...
~ and for control to find lyselu... any ol'time. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Lil'miss Misty... (nola_misty). I hope you don't mind fur ... everywhere. :) Have a great day today and I hope the year ahead keeps you smiling.

Watching political commentary on the news networks makes me want to borrow a line from my man "bruce"... B. Campbell of "magic boom-stick" fame in his current manifestation on Burn Notice...
The political pundits... really come across like a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Make your freaking minds up already.
Have an actual opinion based on something even remotely approximating an education and *gasp* intelligence.
I wonder how crappy it must feel to have Jon Stewart hand you your ass every time he totally blows you away with his political commentary.


trunk contents...
~ skate helmet and pads on the left. First aid kit and I toss a frozen bottle of water in there when I head out... (icepack. :D), blanket ... to cover the patient / body while you wait for the ambulance... um... have you ever been to a skatepark?
~ nice skate shoes... vans... never worn except at the park
~ cheap red shovel ... to scoop away water...
~ skateboard... d'uh...
~ table leg... dramatically increasing the albeit wildly remote probability that the headline will read "He beat them off with a table leg."

I know how good chocolate cake is.
Lost in the moment as your senses take it all in...
The look of it.
The scent of it...
The taste... oh man... that wonderful flavour.
The temptation
Grip the edges of the table...
Literally press your face into it...
Open your mouth... and start eating.
Pausing strategically... to let the sensations wash over you.
Maybe even mint-things-up-a-bit by chewing up a wintergreen altoid before the next bite...
Yesireee... just love chocolate cake.

~ sigh. :)

Oh... and if uawildcatgrl says she's keen ... she can be assured of my complete support.

LiveJournal Advisory Board Elections

I support uawildcatgrl to be my representative on the Advisory Board.

Show your support at lj_election_en.

Her entry is located HERE.

All you need to add is:"I support this nomination"

~ however, I totally reserve judgment on how the whole "advisory board" dealio is going to work out.