May 5th, 2008


Monday, May 5

Yup... it's monday. DWTS must be on. :)

wohoo... it's cinq-o-day baybeee...
not that this is really important anywhere besides Puebla!!

Around here... it's "sunshine and wonderful" for a May 5th.
Kinda cool breeze, but not a "wind". All in all a really great day weather wise.
I got my fresh air quota filled up at the skate park.

oh... and a guy was telling me about [ :: this place :: ] - a new skate park that's now open in Brockville - aka 1 1/2 hour drive away tops!! :D I'll be planning a day trip with Geo soon. :)

~ make-like-busy-work-work day... may end up on a gig in another financial institution...
~ skate park when geo got home from school... much fun was had...
~ groceries... rainbow trout for dinner.
~ oyi... that things - and of course they will!! - go well in the long range planning zone for no1topaz!
~ for my little captain of home-body-industry, teasdale to get more of that sleep stuff... :)
~ and to tell gifgal that I'm jealous of her bushes... :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a truly wonderful woman, cynnerth. May the year ahead keep your family safe and well, and tempt you with opportunity and moments of excited surprise. :)

K... would somebody just stick a fork in either clinton or
obama and pick one... The Reps are just sitting back
watching while the Dem message gets lost among the
daily carnage of the campaign. Oh... and make it
Obama. It's time for somebody without any whitehouse
experience. It's time for someone to take a fresh look
at how things are done. I mean, seriously...

In case you did not know this... Frogs Is Loud, man.

The peace of being forgiven
is a mere shadow of what awaits the forgiving.