May 3rd, 2008


(no subject)

The night-light shows me the covers all messed up.
One leg sticking out from the little furnace under the quilt.
He's sound asleep.
A likely time to pad into his room and lay down beside him.
It's nice to have the chance to take a good long look.
I can move his hair around, scratch his shoulders.
And talk to him.
Of course, I start with how much I love him.
And then the mantra he's heard after going to sleep since he was little and tiny;
I'm so proud of you... so happy you are in my life.
I'll always take care of you and I'll always care about you.
His quiet little regular breaths... melting my heart.
Then I gently slip one arm away... then another
Lift up and turn to sneak away
As three words seem to arrive tacked on to an exhale
Without the slightest stir.
Love you Dad.
And I am happy.