May 1st, 2008


Thursday, May 1

Ok, so up to a very frosty morning... the grass, newly green, was freshly white and all a'glitter. It was pretty cool looking in the early morning light. :)

I was dead tired this morning... after getting the kids off to school (7:15) and Z off to work... I crawled back under the warm covers and proceeded to have evil nasty orange-pant dreams. The one I remember was about going to where I have to go today, except I get in this silly accident and besides breaking my car, I break my cell phone, so I'm in all these strangers faces asking to borrow their cell phones to call for help... See, forever ago, z and I were talking about dreams and how some dreams seem like they're sole purpose is to frustrate the crap out of you in some weird effort to wake you back up... or punish you for sleeping - and the "orange" pant thing was from some early memory of the horror of being at school and looking down to see that I'm wearing puffy, orange parachute material pants. Anyways... I woke up in a tizzy and proceeded to set about my day. :)

~ yeah... so, downtown to visit a friend for lunch...
~ back to company galactic headquarters for a big-boss-man meeting
~ home... stopping by Tim Hortons to return the giant coffee service thing I used for the meeting last night...
~ meet with investment broker for a while...
~ now... trying to decide if I feel up to going back downtown for a "company dinner" thing... sigh.
~ for canuckgirl has a safe trip home... with loads of good memories in tow...
~ to point odyssey_road to [ :: this place :: ]... (comfrey-pasta!)
~ and to congratulate cynnerth!! :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday phenomenull... may there be margarettas :)
(and, where ever you are, happy birthday sugar-sin... (sin_da_rella)

There is no greater tragedy than a wasted love
And no pain so complete than one that is broken
We are reckless when we play with the love of others
When we haven't learned first to love ourselves.

Let it lift you up and sustain you
Before using it to prop up another
Lest you find that it's not really there
And in it's place, only someone that enjoys leaning on you.

k, time for bedtime rituals with the boys. :D
See ya.