April 30th, 2008


Wednesday, April 30

~ okidoki... I'm ready.

K, it was snowing a little while ago... all blowy and white and gah!
Um... I'll take summer back any day now ... mmmk?

~ yeah... busy day... basement, on-line tutorials, and getting zoned in for the big meeting tonight.
~ tonight? Host the first Annual General Meeting of our Homeowners Association. Well, not "host" as in here... It's at a local hall. Lots of folks. :)
~ I went mental looking for Survivor to be on tonight... because I'm an idiot...
~ is anything good on tonight?
~ that the sassy pregnant chick... er, sassy_red_head, finds her molds... :)
~ for katie8471 to enjoy her fame, even if they get her name wrong.
~ and that the bank, aka cynnerth has a wonderful day. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Mr. B... (the_laird). I hope the year ahead is rewards you well for the tough choices, and hands you lots of little easy choices to keep you entertained.
And happy birthday to eternally_pink... mell-on-wheels... May your day be memorable... for all the right reasons.
Happy birthday to Mr. Soft... (andysoft) and may "posting when you feel like it" always be good enough. :)
And a very happy birthday to my friend sylvidoptera ... I hope this next year keeps you safe... warm... and surrounded by love.

If your job is assembling giant SUVs in an automotive factory... you might want to consider a change.
It's high time America (and that includes the dim-bulbs in Canada too) realized they're the only people on earth that want to drive SUVs, thanks 100% to the decades long advertising campaign that Big Auto has been running. For every one of you (SUV drivers) that can give me the song and dance about "Oh we neeeeeeed it for the dogs and fifteen kids..." there's fifty others who have no such excuse. Gas around here is over $4.50 / gal and it's expected to double.
It's time to wake the f*&C$ up, and moth ball the factories that are pumping these vehicles out the door.

And what will happen? No doubt Big Auto will apply for and get some kind of federal tax credit or hand out to shore up the failing sales figures with the short sighted, totally bogus, perspective that they have to protect the wages of the poor sods that work in those factories.

I feel for someone who loses their income in this way... but ... you know, there used to be a whole bunch of "carborator specialist" ... before the catalytic converter was invented.
Times change... either you change right along with it... or you suffer.

~ k, I gotta go make an early dinner. :) See ya.