April 29th, 2008


Tuesday, April 29

~ I pinch your world... I pinch it and make it cry.

Torrential rain yesterday... and sunshine today.

But damn cold. c-c-c-c-c-cold today. :(

A good day to be busy. :D

~ kind of a "dual corto" day.
~ starting and ending in ripped jeans and a tee...
~ with a whole shirt/tie/trousers (and my new spiff-meister shoes) moment for a downtown thing at the office.
~ study some geeky stuff for work...
~ work on basement ceiling...
~ smile at Zee... 'cuz she just got her first mini-contract for online tech-writing... :D
~ evening rituals with the family - george lopez and icecream... story and bed time... :)
~ continue working on lights in the basement... :D
~ to send more smiles at pasticcio... because I owe her quite a few.
~ for endless fun in the life and times of my little azz-bum... er... honuhoney
~ and to send a little "congrats" out to amythyst... :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to lisa the tweets girl (aprilfool29)... may your day be filled with reminders that the year ahead will be grand. :)
and happy birthday to mr. sickboy... a much absent sick-boy... I hope you have a wonderful year ahead... with some surprises along the way.
A very big happy birthday to sugar-shan-shazam (ectv). I know this has been a year for the "personal trials record books"... so with that in mind, let me with most emphatically for you to have a truly wonderful year ahead... with new doors opening on brilliant opportunities... and ever greater control over the world that surrounds you.
And some more birthday goodness out to sarah_cares... (again, the much absent sarah... :D I hope you had a great day and that the year ahead keeps you healthy and happy. :)

Personally, I think Obama blew the opportunity of a lifetime with this weird punk ass bitch of a minister that is dogg'en his campaign. He took to the mic and the printed word today to lament the minister and down-play the man and call him every manner of name for the guys dumb-like-post words.
If I was writing his scripts... I'd have had him defending the ministers rights to say what he feels, short of promoting hate, and to give voice to the notion that perspective is in the drivers seat when it comes to driving personal opinions. One mans freedom fighter is another mans rebel... one peoples great defender... is another's feared terrorist. It should be no surprise to anyone that America is feared as terrorists by the unaware and totally hosed third world dwellers that know only the business end of America's guns.

I got some good news today on the work front... nothing brilliant or clear... but a step in the right direction from some contacts down in DC, on more DC and Carolina based work. :) A busy corto... is a happy corto.

Basement ceiling "section B"...



and ...

Now... I'm work'en on the pot-lights... :D
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