April 25th, 2008


Friday, April 25

So yeah, there's s'posed to be... like rain and stuff tomorrow... then sun... then rain and ... snow.
This, of course, means today=skatepark.
Well it was fun, but it did include my first nose dive of the summer.
It's pretty much like "summer is here" time with big ol scrapes across my elbow and my entire right side... and an ice pack on my hip bone.
No big. I watch people trash ... pretty much every trip to the park. My turn.
And you know, it doesn't actually hurt to sandpaper off a layer of yourself.
At least, not in comparison to how it all feels about twenty four hours later.

~ well... you know... nothing.
~ bwaahahahaha... omg gah.
~ take care of little still-sick-with-nasty-cold Geo.
~ a few phone calls from DC and lots of talk... but it's all just so much talk.
~ the lemonade "brew" is still ... brewing. (double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and caldron bubble.)
~ groceries and stuff...
~ zebra's on girls-night at a co-workers house, so it's pizza and Dr. Who for me and the boys...
~ oh, and the basement ceiling is coming along. :)
~ for little teasdale ... to withstand the claw onslaught...
~ and to wish for the greatest of happiness to find little Charlotte... sometimes59's wee tiny new baby girl. :)

Graveyards are chalk-a-block full of folks
Who were planning on getting around to it tomorrow.
Do you have an "it"? Sure you do.
The real question is... do you have a tomorrow.?

Today was "crazy hair day" at Ed's school...
Z got up early with Ed to get sorted. :)