April 24th, 2008


Thursday, April 24

Funny... but my hand seems to have some kind of a message for the company that was priming the contract I used to be on. Thanks for the phone call... that never came. Thanks for the email... that never came. Boneheads. (the extent of my "angry phase"). :)

Yeah, so a beautiful day...
... without much to say.

Busy trying to make lemonade.

~ er... survivor tonight. :)
~ and get LOST on the pvr...
~ that honuhoney gets the waskleee wabbit... be wary wary quiet...
~ and that kaleidoscopeeye manages to survivor the potential loss of a nap. :(

Radio talked about crime and punishment this morning.
My thoughts? We have a fairly well oiled machine running here in Canada and you know... unless you want screw it up, people need to leave it alone.
As it stands a young man can engage in some perfectly understandable curiosity based pot smoking and our system of crime & punishment will craft him into a well connected, well trained, remorseless criminal indebted to gangs and organized crime and absolutely beyond the reach of anything approaching a normal life.
It's like we spent decades forming a proper plan to produce all the criminals we need to keep the cops and lawyers in business.
On the other hand, if we actually wanted to reduce the volume of crime... we might consider reducing the effort we put into making criminals.
It's time to rethink the nations policies and laws concerning the use of marginalized recreational drugs.

Two hours in a skatepark... is a nice way to spend a long lunch hour.

I guess I'm broken up about the contract loss because I was so keen to "conquor this troublesome client" and add a success there to my resume. :(
Having the rug yanked out from under me kinda blows.
I had a team ... two guys that were working really hard... and they're hosed too. :(
Yes, I know... one door closes and a better brighter horizon shows up through the next door.
I'm there... I get that.
But I was digging this gig with the regular trips to DC and all.
Now... we'll see what kind of gig I get on next.

~ k... I'm done. :)