April 22nd, 2008


Tuesday, April 22

Busy day... brilliant weather, and small buds turning into big buds on everything that grows.
And we're surrounded by things that grow. :)

~ yeah, well... a full-on day of work'en for the man... except "the man" is a bit of difficult client (to put it mildly)... (insert huge sigh here!!!)
~ drive Suz to the auto-shop at lunch so she can pick up her car... quick car repair issue...
~ and then... skatepark. Get a half hour in - feel like a million bucks - and then drive home. :)
~ we're planning on buying a new-to-us used car... to replace the used Maxima suz drives... we've had that one for six years. Tonight was test-drive night... we drove the nicest Altima they had and decided against it... then we drove a 2007 Acura... holy crap man... then we drove a G35x Infinity... again with the "holy crap man" thing. Wow cars got freaking cool in 2005. Can you say "Tip Tronic Transmission" !!!!
~ to send a wee wave out to sugar-grrrrr! (aka gillian16)...
~ that I can make time to read-up on kristiseriously and try to be helpful...
~ and to raise a cup of good cheer to toast the day... this day... in the life and times of pixiecup, a hoopy single chick I know out west. :)

Life is only easy, breezy and suggary sweet...
If you can get your head around what it takes to let go of the things you thought you wanted out of it...
And find your way to appreciating the things you end up with.

That's not a recipe for "settling" or giving up on anything, let alone your dreams.
By all means... you must not settle and your dreams are more important than breathing...

But it all melts into a steaming pile of shit if you spend all your time swimming in regret,
Neglecting the world and love that surrounds you ...
Just because you somehow thought it ought to be different.

Dream big... chase those dreams... fine.
But losing sight of what you have... what it means... and why it's valuable... is like getting hooked on meth.
You'll rot from the inside out.

Happy Earth Day.
I can't help finding that a bit hipocrytical in a world gone mad with sickening polution and nothing to be done about it.
Oh, and I'm not talking about the stuff that factory on the edge of town is spewing into the water.
I'm not talking about your car or the wrappers you peel off and chuck away.
People... this is all chicken feed.
Countries like India and China... are shipping hundreds of thousands of new cars into their markets.
Cars without polution controls... leaded gas burners... and they couldn't care less about the environmental impact.
We give ourselves medals of honor when we do something nice for the planet and we put the screws to anyone that doesn't.
Meanwhile every step forward we take is met by India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, China, Indonesia slamming us backwards a mile.
Seriously... it's a total disaster.
Of course, it's all the same stuff we did here in NA about 80 years ago...
But that doesn't make it ok.
In fact, it makes it kinda pathetic ... that there's no such thing as "global learning".

Ok... enough of me being mr. happy. :) ar ar ar...