April 17th, 2008


Thursday, April 17

hot... super gorgeous sunshine day... heat, blue sky... gazillion washington commuters all dressed for warmer weather.
Lovely day.

but now? Now it's late... and I'm freaking tired.
So... the plan is to go to bed early. (see below)

~ K, so I planned to go to bed early last night... pretty much like I do every night... "plan" that is... not actually going to bed. This never freaking happens.
~ so... more plans... to get up early. However, I rolled around in the nice comfy hotel bed with the horrible blankets an hour longer than I was s'posed to.
~ client meetings again (er... this being the reason I'm here in the first place)
~ nice thai lunch... crummy subway dinner.
~ for some reason... my ankle is sore. no reason, just sore. :( stupid ankle.
~ gotta pack... gotta write something called a "work product deliverable checklist" before I sleep. (work'ish thing).
~ to send some hope... some good vibes out to demyankee so she can use it to help bring the a little girl home safe and sound.
~ that a little magic makes it way to willedit
~ and that the pregnant red haired chick... er... sassy_red_head gets to feeling a whole lot healthier...

I'm a hater today.
I just am.

Up extra early tomorrow to catch some time with one of the busiest clients I have... then at around 9:15, i start move'en towards the airport. I gotta get to Dulles for 10:19. Flight home is at 12:19... home before the boys get home from school. I saw a wee tiny little baby in the lobby of the hotel... oh geez I miss the boys. :)

Battlestar Galactica.
Who ever came up with that name... way the hell back when... was a fricking genius.

~ shhh... it's only me. no really... don't get up.
the hand

(no subject)

Dear fashionistas...

please help.

These are my new shoes.
I'm very pleased with them.
I've worn NOTHING but black round-toe rockports for the last fifteen years.

These are "loafers". My feet are very excited about the pending airport experience that will not have to include madly untying and retying my dam shoes at every security checkpoint.

But here's the thing.
They have the little "slot" for the penny...
you know... "penny loafers".

Do people still do that?
I kinda want to ... just because.
But... you know... do people do that?

Oh, and another thing...

What is the proper length for a mans tie?
Should it come to his belt? Long enough to block the belt buckle? Or perhaps it should be ABOVE the belt buckle? Surely you shouldn't have "shirt" visible between the bottom of the tie and the top of your pants?