April 14th, 2008


Monday, April 14

~ um yeah... lets call this one "everybody's skinny compared to this guy..."

I took a night train to nowhere...
because I forgot to check which colour line I was boarding.
nowhere turned out to be the center of everywhere,
so every colour became my ball of yarn,
and now I'm home again.
sadly... home is a hotel until I get wrapped up in the arms that love me once again.

~ remember last week... I had the "worst day ever" day?
~ today was the day that iron either burned my ass or became a weapon of ego destruction.
~ big meeting... big presentation... big suits... big stress-monkey-freakout.
~ and I was a supah stahhhhhhh.
~ in my very best passive aggressive posture, I sang the gentle melodies of "you got nothing... and i got everything... baby"
~ it was fun.
~ oh, and I went and stalked an apple touch again at the pentagon city apple store...
~ that andysocial got his moneys worth for the embarrassment vibe...
~ for the power of isis and all the cool chick goddesses to fill up the reserves in my sweet friend dailymom
~ to point out that I guess panera will never be the same... after the boogierock invasion
~ to tell pasticcio that she's not crazy... a little feisty maybe...
~ for lakme to enjoy a happy Lj ave-a-nursery...
~ the lynspin enjoys muttering "phew" under her breath all day...
~ and to send a little lj love to thisismostlyme... with a hug or three.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a distant Helena... (sleep_walker). May this year keep you safe and warm... close to friends... close to love... and close to that camera of yours.
And a very happy birthday out to Mr. monkey... the very last guy to whom any young woman should ever say "Hi I'm Bethany... fly me". Have a great day my friend and I hope this next year keeps you at the business end of long pieces of string.

Yeah, so just say'en... a sweet young woman I kinda know... just had herself a little baby. princessblondie and her Bruno... are the proud mommy & daddy of little Mateo. (7lbs 12 oz). All is well and I am very happy about that. :)

I know I got a note from you on one of my trips suggesting that on another trip to DC we could maybe have lunch.
Are you that person? Because... and I feel like a crummy friend for saying this... but I can't remember. hmmm?

I have another hour of work to do tonight... and then I'm watching a downloaded Big Brother epi from last night. :)
You can't believe how stunningly exhausting it is to play the kind of games I play at this job.
When I got back to the hotel tonight after work... say at about 5:30... I had a fresh starbucks coffee in hand... and I sat down to check email... but wait... let me just ... just rest... just rest my eyes... BLINK. 7:30 and I gotta get food! :)
I ate a salad but it sucked... I ate pizza ... but it sucked... so ... i'm going to have to get up nice and early to eat a vast and healthful breaky.
I've another crazy day coming tomorrow.

~ see ya. :D