April 8th, 2008


Tuesday, April 8

I wish I could get you to come over for a coffee. :)

a gray day, but the temps are still up there... so the snow is quickly vanishing.
Of course, this means our back yard will become a series of small ponds until JULY!!! :) oh well...
we have a screened-in porch, so piss off bugs! :)

I'm feeling a bit punchy today.
One of those... "don't expect me to take-it" days. I was interviewing the "Info Security
Management Team" at my clients organization this morning, so this seemed to work in my
favour... Those guys aren't much for pussy-footing around. :)

Life is getting kinda crazy again. A lot going on and not a lot of time to sort through things
until I feel like everything is sorted and organized. So, you end up having to close your
eyes and jump every now and then. I believe that this is related to the afore mentioned
"punchyness". When you take risks... and come out the other side unscathed... you tend
to feel a little bold.

~ drink from the fire-hose of information with my clients...
~ dentist at 3:00...
~ to watch Dr. Who (Season 4, epi 1) with Geo and Ed.... they will be very excited. :)
~ a little big brother... and no doubt going to have to watch some punk cry again... losers.
~ relax...
~ to let bronxelf_ag001 know that she's a winner in my eyes... always. :) (not a fan of the bronze chair either!)
~ to smile at odyssey_road's feet... lol....
~ for a little sugar of a moowazz... to find her way to three...
~ and that something somewhere somehow... finds the time to smile on lyselu and makes things just a wee bit better.

Birthday moments...
To clear up a little bit of my own blasted mental corruption (I blame the drugs)....
Let me wish my precious little lisabella a late birthday wish (two days ago!). May the year ahead keep you safe... keep you on my f-list... and bring you several really good reasons to make chipmonk noises when you're all sweaty. :)
And for today, a happy birthday wish for shannanigan... I hope you've enjoyed your day and that this next year is scads of fun. :)

America only needs to stay in Iraq ... if you believe that the policy the government is holding is sound.
If it's sound, then sure... bailing out now will cause no end of problems.
However, if you believe that the American policy structure surrounding Iraq is firmly wedged in the sphincter muscles of a diseased mad cow...
Then Gen. David Petraeus is all wet.
His belief that there is a real need to stay the course... is only as good as the foreign policy he's trying to sustain.

As for life... hmmm. I'd like to change my door Monty.
Let me explain:
I just listened to an excellent explanation of how the Monty Hall game works.
Note: This is not a Monty Carlo.
If Monty tells you to pick between door numbers 1, 2 or 3...
because two of them have a goat, and one has a new car...
and you choose (for example) 1.
Monty goes ahead and reveals "one of the goats" by opening door number 2.
And then he gives you the Monty Hall choice:
Do you want to stick with door number 1 or choose door number 3?
2 out of 3 times this will be the car.
Bottom line.
Trust me on this.
Or argue.
I can defend it. :)

Now to go boggle Ed's mind by telling him I have Dr. Who ready for action. :)