April 1st, 2008


Tuesday, April 1

Wow... what a day!! (no joke. :D)
Sunshine... ok, started with total rain... and we're expecting more and then freezing temps. (typical)
However, today played out with warm winds, some sunshine and ... lots and lots of melty moments for the snowbanks that just wont quit. :)

~ blue and orange. Laughs at self... looked in mirror. It's red. :)
~ Orange is special. Not enough people actually wear orange.
~ totally mental day... hard day but very productive.
~ oh, and it's warm! I got to go outside and play basketball for a while... Z came too...:)
~ that you didn't get taken in by any evil April Fools Day jokes. Personally... I'm not a fan of the ones that circ. in work emails.
~ :)
~ and... I do truly hope that all is well with my friend princessblondie ... as her oven gets ready to say "DING!".

Our new hoop...

Giant Salt Storage buildings...
Always make me say (in squeaky voice) "Sorta like Madonna!"

k... gotta jet. :)
l8r sk8rs. :)

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Geek Question.

So "Spybot Search and Destroy" ammends my c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file to add a gazillion local host redirs...
Example: www.007guard.com 007guard.com 008i.com www.008k.com 008k.com www.00hq.com 00hq.com 010402.com www.032439.com 032439.com

What gives? Why do I want this? or am I better off clearing it all out and leaving it like it started with only: localhost