March 30th, 2008


Sunday, March 30

Holy cold and sunny batman!!
Endless blue sky...
We have an amazing amount of "window" in this house [ :: the house photo archive :: ] ... and we still haven't put up any blinds or curtains besides the kids bedrooms - and the little fabric strips at the sides of the dining room and living room windows don't really count. :)

And because you're just dying to know... I got a "B" on "basic" play of "99 Red Balloons" on Wii DDR last night. I'm a supa-stah. :D

~ well I almost put on a cliche...
~ but I demurred and tossed out an old pair of ftls
~ newer ftls... green
~ blue jeans
~ cape cod... as opposed to cap code! tee
~ and a smile. :)
~ off to cost-co to buy a basketball net-stand-hoop-thing... rebok land.
~ later? Taxes... gotta get to those...
~ ok... the plan is to actually DO SOMETHING on the "Section B" basement ceiling project. Section A was done months ago, and C will have to wait for B ... sigh. I wish...
~ to send more congrat style words out to tj642... his wife and their little tiny new (new-ish!!) baby, Alexanderia. :)
~ for the good life vibes to keep a good grip on glossgirl...
~ that good reasons to make great plans... hold fast and vice-like in the life and times of whatilove
~ and that i_beckygardens doesn't get cold with all that hair gone... :)

Birthday moments...
From yesterday...Happy birthday jacqui. May there always be time enough for art.
and just to toss a hand full of dry grass into the breeze that seems to blow across my friends page ... Today would have been another birthday for kattaryna. May the rest... be peaceful.

We watched Across the Universe on Friday night. :) It was wonderful. I think Moulan Rouge (sp?) was better - as far as story-musical-etc. is concerned but I love the way AtU played out. In fact... geo prompt cashed in one of his birthday "iTunes cards" and bought all the songs off iTunes, loaded 'em on his nano and he's been plugged into it ever since.

I wonder how many people died in house fires set by candles during last nights earth hour...

I truly do think Get Fuzzy is the second best "comic strip" evah. Calvin still reigns supreme.
(Is that how you spell "reigns" in this context?)