March 28th, 2008


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WOW question:

Is it against the rules in WOW to use a macro recorder to control your character?

~er... ok, never mind. :)

Todays [ :: Give Away Of The Day :: ] is "Easy macro Recorder 3.68"
(note: it's only valid until 12:00 PST ... so it's only free for another 2.5 hours).

Friday, March 28

Hey look at all that sunshine!!! :D

K, it's friday... I got friday oozing out of my ears and eyes...
I bet bosses have an ointment for that.
Fortunately... my boss can't see into my home-office.
So it's no bossy ointment for me!

I totally got in Rogers ( face yesterday...
The "big promotion" ended on something I got in December and the add-on to the monthly bill was stupid and yes I was there, but they represented it as all kinds of stuff that it wasn't... soooooo anyways; I got the first month non-promotion-discount fee rebated, found a 25 credit they owed me from months ago and canceled the 45$ "Pick All Specialty" option and added about 12$ in other packages that gives me more than the "pick all" thing gave me in channel land!!!. Dumb dumb dumb...
oh and say hello to time-shifting-us-networks-hd! :D

~ ("bruise day") black jeans, black tee, blue shirt. :)
~ up n' at it... then zoom to a meet with boss-man to go over the annual performance review. sigh...
~ home to spend lunch driving Geo and his bud to the ski hill...
~ home again and an afternoon of booking flights, hotels, and meetings all over the place.
~ ttttttotally planning on finding a nice relaxing zone tonight. Maybe get around to watching a movie.
~ for the power of the Zolton! to come to jloopy... :)
~ that odyssey_road can channel some Shirlock...
~ for yummi credit research dreams to entertain zaxwrit in her sleep...
~ and for my Illinois coffee goddess (gifgal) to have a great weekend. :D

Regarding sex scandals, and notably the ones among politicians...
I mean... what's it going to take for the general public to catch on?
It costs a small fortune ... literally... to replace anyone in public office.
You don't even have to leave the work-productivity column on the risk report to get to "fortune" in a hurry.
Yet, every time some sucker in public office gets caught with his willy hanging out,
We toss the bum out and make a spectator sport out of watching his/her spouse for a reaction.
Who the hell cares if some joker gets his ya's from Bent Barbara, tied up and beaten, or dances around in a diaper at a cheep motel?
I'm serious...
Sure there are other issues... like when it's a work place embarrassment issue or statutory rape, et. al....
But those are totally the exceptions.
The list seems pretty endlessly populated by really unlucky schmucks... but thats all they are.
See... we reject the ones that let it out...
But we seem to take some kind of weird refuge in knowing the ones we keep are pretty much lifeless hypocrites with enough pent up dynamic tension to power a major city.
Just say'en...

"I feel you in my heart and I don't even know you."
T&S, 19

We'll be skateboarding again soon. :)

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... and a moment of reality.

It's a pd day.
Drove Geo up to the ski hill with his friend.
Ed had a big sleep in... easy lunch... came for the drive to the hill, because he's not old 'nuf to be home alone.
Afternoon for him was runescape, other games and tv.
I asked him to go outside (it's beautiful outside)... he didn't want to.
We negotiated a 10 minute stay on the outdoor requirement.
10 minutes go by...

The world-is-ending style melt down has only just subsided.
It began a half hour ago.
It peaked after my second walk away and find my calm voice moment.
I layed out "Get off the floor, take off your boots and spend the next 20 minutes in your room...
... do it now or I go downstairs and shut down the computer for two days. five... four... three... "
He didn't want to go outside because there was nothing to do.
Despite the endless list of choices I was giving him.
He went out at one point... but returned a moment later.

He only stopped... because his fit was interrupted by Geo's return.
Suz picked him and his friend up... and brought the walking dead guy home.
Scraped-to-blood slashing rakes of ouch across his whole torso side and onto his back.
My input? "It's just a flesh wound... here's an bag of frozen peas... put these on it for now."

Fun eh.