March 26th, 2008


Tuesday, March 25 (even though it's wednesday now... shhhh don't tell anyone!!!!)

Yesterday was a wonderful Family Ski Day. :D
It was brilliantly sunny, cold and fresh and loads and loads of fun.
Sunday night was a 14 people sit down dinner.
And last night was me ... totally unable to stay awake or have a brain.

Today ... is kinda cloudy... it's snowing again... and, life is just whack.
But I'm not die'en of anything, I make the beds I hate and the ones of love,
And I always seem to have something going on that makes me laugh.
So life is whack... but I guess I can't really complain.

~ black jeans... red tee... all day.
~ well, except that part when I had a sweater on...
~ but I mean... seriously... who the hell cares?
~ snapping into reality again... somehow the weekend just clung like a crack ho running her fingers through my hair... wait... no, forget that...
~ kids up, dressed, fed, and hussled out to their bus by 7:15... then straight back to bed.
~ hard core power sleeping till 8:30 ... omg... so fricking sweet... sigh.
~ then up and pretty much either on the phone or rushing to get something done before it rings again.
~ oh, and I zoomed downtown to hand in three expense reports...
~ er... early dinner... Ed had an "exhibition game" at B-ball... they played this girls team... it was freaking hilarious. Like... one basket was all normal and could be lowered to the proper these-are-10-year-olds height... but the other was bolted to some mcgiver thing at the far end of the primary school gym. It was like six hundred thousand feet in the air. AND THE GIRLS... holy-crap man... talk about aggression. The miniature one was a fantastic shot... swish city... the skinny one that constantly chewed on her black dread like mini braids appeared to be something of a magical little dream like fearie... needing only little gossamer wings to complete the package... yeah, her... a total she-devil - would foul the crap out of anyone (any team) who had the ball... because she was gonna get that damn ball no matter what. She never did anything useful with it... Then the three little... blond girls... one especially... elbow into chests, faces, sides... with this angry look on her face... but would instantly go into limping sad-girl mode if anybody bumped her. Meanwhile... the guys are afraid of hurting the girls... bwaahahahahaha... Every now and then one of the boys would have had enough (the refs were girls and it was terrifically unfair... ) and would actually play the game instead of being totally afraid of the girls... and the coaches were both quietly killing themselves at the benches. This was an exhibition game... so there were a bunch of "parents" at the game... all yelling and shouting... :D Kids sports... endless freaking fun man.
~ home to host a homeowners association meeting and get more things worked out for the "annual general meeting".
~ kids to bed... reading and then big brother tv with Zee... I like Sharon, I haaaaaaaaaate Sheila, and the rest of 'em are friggen nut bars...
~ to send grand congratulations out to tj642 on the arrival of Alexa...
~ and to point out that it's been several days since the last time princessblondie has made a post... from that very pregnant perch of hers... My wish is that all is well with her and her growing family. :D

Birthday moments...
Yesterday was byron's birthday... Sorry I missed it yo! :D I hope you had a great day and that the year ahead brings more of the family pride home to you... and may fortune keep a soft spot for you in her heart.
And as for today!
Ah yes the vanishing crystal... happy birthday gottabecrazy.
And dear alachicky... a very happy birthday to you sugar. May your heart continue to light the path before you...
A big goofy happy birthday out to her_whispers!!! I hope your celebrations don't punish you tomorrow... and that every day gives you some small moment of wonder.
And happy birthday to karbear57 too... I hope you have all kinds of fun this year and turn a gentle page on the unwritten story. :)

To draw attention to the quote that can be attributed to pretty much every first, second and third year political science prof from every university ... everywhere...
"Everything is politics... Everything."
Because when I hear people who know better but still go on the radio and the tv and say "The IOC asks that sport not be politicized... let the athletes perform without politics." I just wanna throw up in my mouth a little and then gag for a while.
That is such a load ... it's just pathetic.
That's not to pass any final judgment on the whole China thing.
That deserves a lot more space and it's a hugely complicated thing.
But pawwwwleesse. Don't make me vomit with this "sport isn't political" thing.

Check [ :: this bizarro thing from my birthday page :: ] It's like an evil hack monster made a section of the page go "mirror".

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie "Enchanted". :D

Wednesday, March 26

Sunshine, crisp winds... melting snow... spring, in full motion.

I watched pixiecup on a news show...
[ :: check her out :: ]
~ how amazingly cool is she?

~ black jeans... black tee... blue sweater. :)
~ full day of fun and excitement on the phone, kicking project tasks into high gear...
~ dealing with bosses that ring me up to scare me... or at least, that pretty much how is seems... !
~ take a cost-co run... return some stuff - Note: I love that if I don't have my receipt... they can just look it up. :D
~ make lasagna for dinner... but not from scratch... from cost-co... and it's fricken delicious... so there.
~ and gotta bunch of stuff to do for the "homeowners association" tonight.
~ that psychomagnet fully enjoys her moment of relief...
~ that Mr. beachdog manages to pear down the dementia-maker...
~ for circlek to hook up with Link and download the B12 Helicopter Pilot program cell-phone repair program...
~ to point out that pixiecup is a supa-stahhhhhh!
~ and to send a wee poke out to teasdale... because as long as I'm breathing... she's never alone. well ok... but still....

Robert Latimer is a Canadian that off'ed his severly handicapped daughter as a mercy killing. It's a very long and definitely not-new story.
Regardless of your feelings on the subject...
He is near the end of the jail term and getting close to the "move him to a halfway house and give him day perole" stage.
But the parol board and legions of complainers are worried about what risk he represents to society.
So what do they do...?
They grant him special day leave to attend his terminally ill mothers bedside.
I can just hear him saying to the EMP... "nope... that's not my pillow. I've never seen that pillow before..."

Revenge is a tricky business.
Despite the hackneyed anecdotes on the subject,
You cannot escape the stain it will leave on you.
At least when we let society define the parameters for revenge,
We dilute the issue enough that either we don't notice,
Or we all end up painted with the same dirty colours.

I can never get over how precious [ :: you :: ] are.