March 21st, 2008


Friday, March 21

"Oh really..."

Wow. K, so massive day. Up way to early (3:45) and I feel like at least three days have gone by since I woke up. :(
On the plus side... I watched an epi of Torchwood on the way to DC and I watched THE LAST THREE episodes of Sarah Conner in Dulles airport and on the on the plane home. :D
Awesome show... or at least... I think it's awesome! :)

And can I just say... that it's totally stupid that there are blossoms on trees, no snow and light sweater or jacket weather all over DC and it's still a dramatic winter grip here at home... I mean it's only an hour away... if the wind is at your airplanes back...

~ oh pj pants and a strong bad tee (Hi kim :D)
~ at this point? Nothing... being a slug... Why?
~ because I got up at 3:45 AM, put on the snaz-threads, airport, DC, downtown, big presentation, small lunch, big meeting, back to airport, fly home, eat soup... and ... it's now. :)
~ ps. the presentation went great... the clients signed off on the project plan we've all been slaving over for the past two weeks... :D
~ there was sit com called "monkey"...
~ for a toothfairy visit to notcharming... and that she makes all the ouch go away!
~ and that nbbmom doesn't swallow .... any fishbones.

Well, the only Latin American Governor (New Mexico) tossed his hat into the ring with the black guy... the man previously known as Bama, until he met Oprah...
But don't worry... This election isn't about race.
No siree...

So how'd the strike go? Think it was a big Line In The Sand moment for jeering masses? Or do you think they got owned or what ever it is the kids say these days... :D

This is the ultimate spectral image of "longing".

~ it would stare out one window... then flap over to the other one and stare there for moment.
~ nobody was paying any attention to it... but it was breaking my heart.

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Dear iPod Touch or iPhone owners:

Can someone tell me if the web interface can read - or "works with" - the google "calendar" "documents" or other goolge webby-I-wanna-be-MS-office stuff...
(I love the google calendar and "google docs" stuff).