March 18th, 2008


Tuesday, March 18

That's the back-of-Ed... doing "research" for his homework assignment... :D
Today is all about absolutely neeeeeding to get better.
I'm a little better, but still the dogs-fur-knots in the morning. :(

There is so much I could be doing that would be loads and loads of fun.
Instead... I have this weird "job" thing.
You prol'y heard of these. I mean... Gah!
It's like... you have do this other stuff all! day! long!
Stuff that's, like... you know, not the stuff you'd actually choose to do,
If you didn't have the job thing.
It's totally bogus.
Like... work work work...
As if you were being paid.
Well.... ok, wait.
Yeah there's that pay thing,
But still.
See, this is why I think "investment income" is the best kind of income.
You can do jack all day long...
And the pay keeps coming.
This whole "trade time for money" model...

~ all that black stuff again...
~ 'cept freakish neon blue ftls
~ Up at moon-set to pop the cold cap I thought I could get away with not taking last night...
~ up again at breakfast to feed 'em and wave as they head to the bus,
~ then pass out till our first teleconference for the morning team meeting.
~ trying to take it easy today... I need to be in good form by friday...
~ making a pot roast and roasted potatoes for dinner...
~ and hopefully... random television...
~ oh, and my units get home from their florida month tonight. :)
~ for surprise guests to show up for dana7880
~ that kay ... has fun with the new toy... er, well, not... oh.. never mind!!
~ to congratulate petermarcus on his Demi-glace extraveganza...
~ for the phone gods to stop tormenting bronxelf_ag001
~ and to send a little squeeze out to crayolaphoenix... just 'cuz.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my most charming aussi girl.. .(notcharming)... May this next year smile on you and keep you knee deep in reasons to be all smiles yourself.
And a happy birthday to tj642 ... who is likely run-ragged and wondering what sleep is right about now. :) May this year keep you and your growing family in good health and fun fortune. :D

Ok... have you [ :: seen this! :: ]. This is beckyzoole's journal and it's going on and on about the pending "LJ Strike". Scroll down her lj and you'll see the "list of demands"...

I mean, I'm torn... a wee part of me wants to accept the inevitable and historical benefit gathered for the many by the few that chose to really stand up and make themselves heard. I guess I'm kind of an "issues" guy... If I dig the issue, I can dig your imaginative - let alone whackadoodle - methods to get ahead.

However... when the issue is pathetic... whackadoodle... only looks like whackadoodle.

The fact that a silent, tiny little sesame seed of a fart
Can become a world class room clearing event
Will never cease to totally amaze me.

I have to go peel potatoes... :)

See ya.