March 17th, 2008


Monday, March 17

Oh man... i so want to get better.
I sleep...
I load up on whole foods,
Drink gallons of OJ,
and ... I still have to take a cold cap to get through the night.

Soooo tired.

ps. It's cold... but remarkably beautiful outside today. :)

No sooner had I confirmed all my flight data for this week,
Than the clients change the meeting date.
le sigh.
Now I'm gone on Good Friday.
This is a holiday in Canada... alas, not for this canuck.

~ gray ftls...
~ black jeans, blue tee and a big black hoodie. :)
~ spend the whole day on the phone again...
~ get stressed ... !
~ go to Sears after work and buy another sofa... oh, and tell the last guys we bought one from to come pick it up.
~ out to dinner at "Milestones"... (nice dinner, btw)
~ and home to ... get less stressed. :)
~ that odyssey_road enjoys cleaning robin poop off her car...
~ for jethro's ear to return to normal... after all that holding...
~ that kristiseriously can teach him how to do her taxes too...
~ and for continued progress to be had on the road that dailymom is traveling.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday phinnia... and it's interesting that you and Leah (below) have the same birthday... given a certain synergy on the whole speaking japanese thing. :) I hope you've had a lovely birthday.
And to the marginally "long lost" fireflieslie... (Leah)... I hope you are celebrating your day with friends and the close comfort of a little love.

Evil apple support guru...
I collected my ibook (my MIL's old laptop) from the apple-service center. It's still under apple-care and it wasn't holding a charge.
They replace the mainboard... it seems to be working just fine now.
I'll have to try and leapord'ize it soon.
However... I asked the guy about the "Touch"...
He went on for the next 10 minutes bashing it to heck and back.
A pox on people who say things that conflict with my imaginary perceptions of fun and excitement.
That's as bad as being reminded that the hot girl poops with that bum. :)
Seriously ... some things are just not worth being reminded about.

Expanding on the whole Irish blessing construct,
Let me offer a few paraphrases on the “Kiss me, I’m Irish” lament :

“Arrest me, I’m drunk, and Irish”
“Ignore me, I’m abusive and Irish”
“Kill me… I’ve a bomb strapped to my ass and I’m Irish”
“Avoid me, I’m dancing, and I’m Irish”
"Wash me... um... I'm Irish"
~ clearly not a fan of st.drunk's day... :)

I keep hearing DDR songs out in the real world... it's quite disconcerting for my feet. :)

K... time to go. :)
Have a great night... and if you're all into that green thing... watch out for Shamus's feet when he dances.