March 12th, 2008


Wednesday, March 12

Ok... I'm feeling a lot better, but I'm not sure if it's the advil cold & sinus or if I'm just... not as sick.
Either way... it's still 7:21 and I've not made any movement towards food.
I refused to get up this morning... stayed in bed till 8:15 and then did the wake-up thing and hit the office at 9:00 slurping a steady stream of tropicana... no pulp. Can't stand the pulp.
Unfortunately... I left the Do Not Bother My Sick And Unfortunate Ass sign on my hotel room door all day... so I was greeted with all the mess I made yesterday when I got home today. Bummer.
On the plus side... the Starbucks downstairs stayed open till six today for some odd reason and I managed to grab a cuppa just before they shut it all down. Me an 'buckx. We be good friends. :)

~ "the dark nice stuff"... especially dark with the black shirt and the colourful pin-stripes.
~ another long day of sorting out people, projects, opinions and attitudes. But hey... this is what they pay me for. :)
~ finding food... drinking a lot of OJ... and watching "Lucky Number Slevin"
~ oh... and working till midnight again. Clearly I'm a glutton for punishment.
~ that peace would work it's way into the world of yumikid
~ to send a little wish to crayolaphoenix... just 'cuz.
~ and ... for things to not be as bad as the stain in the life and times of debby.

No seriously... I MEAN SERIOUSLY...
Leave the office and go for a coffee at this nice place down the road.
Have a single short while I watch CNN cut to the sound bite of The Spitz saying he resigned.
And screen cap of the day plays past...
"With the support and love of my ...."
And her eyebrows go up when he say's "love".
Oh man... that was fricking priceless.

I think it's high time for a change to the standard protocol of "the wife stands by the pathetic politician while he pretends to be sorry".
I cannot imagine what kind of pressure is brought to bear on these women to make them do this... but it has got to be something profoundly beyond my experiences.
She distracts us from the reality... her very presence reduces his guilt and diminishes her.
These guys should have to stand alone and face the music.

If you've ever had - or know a lot about someone that has had - gallbladder surgery... tell me about it in a comment. I have this random, and very uniquely interesting net friend that is facing the prospect and is hoping for a little light... as in... the kind that shines on you when you learn. I know absolutely nothing about gallbladder surgery...