March 11th, 2008


Tuesday, March 11

Ok... so I'm a spaz.
I go to DC for a week of mad-work'en...
and get sick.
I woke up this morning and wanted to be dead.
Lots of OJ and some serious cold medication have calmed that, but I can't escape. I'm either "sick and sore" or exhausted from non-drowsy cold meds.

I got "home" from work, took more advil cold & sinus and passed out dead till .. a half hour ago.
I've ordered up some food... maybe that will help. :)
(knock knock... it just arrived. :D)

~ was in my "blue nice stuff" versus my "beige nice stuff"
~ so, dark trousers and the blue shirt n'tie n'blazer thing...
~ now? black on black with an orange tee. :)
~ to eat!
~ to watch an episode of Torchwood while I eat...
~ to call home...
~ to work on a project file till my eyes close ... or I die...
~ that there really was time to be the same ... but time the demands on it, change. c'est la vie.

So the thing about "Spitzer" or what ever his name is...
Isn't so much that the philandering-hypocrite got his bad self some "hoe" time.
Or that his wife actually stood there at meet-the-press time and wasn't clubbing him...
The really gah! thing... is the $80K or whatever the big numbers are.
Seriously man... how specialized does it have to be for you that you gotta work with these kind of numbers to get your thang on?
Gotta say... sucks to be you!

Eating is now far more important than typing.
:D see ya.