March 10th, 2008


Monday, March 10

Me (big surprise) outside the 14th&K restaurant... the hotels hot spot meal zone... which will serve me dinner this week... but not tonight.

Oh man...after a ridiculous travel day... late flight out of Ottawa, and a mad dash for what turned out to be a delayed flight out of Toronto... I made it her by midnight... without dinner.
So I devoured a dominoes pizza and woke up... mighty mighty thirsty.

My day began with a big ol' glass of grapefruit juice and lots of coffee...

~ well.... now? black jeans and a hoodie.
~ all day? beige trousers, shirt and tie... my mickey tie. :)
~ day one... team meetings and working the guys on our project plan.
~ going to go to "pentagon city shopping center and by some headphones... and play with things in the apple store. :) (and find dinner)
~ watch some tv...
~ then work into the wee hours on work project stuff...
~ I could just curl up on the bed and pass out...
~ that I'm not germinating whatever Ed has (at home)... 'cuz I don't wanna get sick in DC!
~ that honuhoney finds an extra wit... so she can get through more work days...
~ and that lisa_rp gets through the audit!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday out to moxafoot... may your guitar gently weep... and may you have a wonderful year of making music and finding out that dreams can come true.

Did you know that Oklahoma State Rep Sally Kern is a stupid twat? She is...
No really.

It's likely that I'll opt for Sony noise-canceling headphones... Bose would be nice... but being made of money would be nice too.

Ok... I really need to go and get food... :)
see ya.

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K, three things...

~ I'm totally getting sick... do you grok post nasal drip... that kinda acidy taste when you swallow? ick... I will be overdosing on serious cold medications if this ramps up!

~ the MDR-NC6 headphones... from sony... and fully 50% less expensive here... and at worst 40% less expensive than they are "on sale" in Ottawa. Stunning.

~ due to airport security regulations... and my use of "only carry on" luggage... I am sitting here with this package of new headphones... and i can't open it. I can't pry it open...(have you every tried to pry open one of these evil plastic packages?) I can't cut it (no knife... nothing sharp)... so yeah... new headphones... can't open. I shall go for the forehead henna "L" tattoo tomorrow.

Edit: Ok.. have safety pin... and the time to poke hundreds of little tiny holes... :)

2nd Edit: sweet jeebus... why oh why do I wait so long to bath in such wondrous pleasures ....