March 9th, 2008


Sunday, March 9

The morning after the big "hour rip off". Did you change your clocks? or are you wandering around confused at the television schedule?

Well yesterday was all about the blizzard. There's six feet of snow in my back yard... Geo wants to go tunneling. :D

Edward is doing better... big cough... lots of malaise... but we're managing his temp.
This thing ... this totally "compliant" vibe comes over little kids when they truly are sick and not just living on drama island (which, btw, is a stupidly funny cartoon).
It's when you sense that compliance... that you feel the full weight of parenthood ... love and overwhelming hope that you are doing the right thing... taking the right care...
I've been his constant companion since this started... and sadly I have to go away tonight. :( ... before he feels all the way better. :(
S'up to the capable hands of darl'en zee to take care this week. It's March break... so at least the kids can just take it easy.
(and I will pray to all the gods that I don't catch what ever he had... )

~ blue ftls, blue jeans and an old sweat shop gap shirt.
~ to go pack...
~ then drive away ... fly away... and get to the DC hotel around 10:30.
~ to watch some torchwood on the plane... (prays to the nokia gods that it works). :)
~ that I find dinner along the way somewhere...
~ for my snowed in friends... to dig out safely...
~ and for my friends in warmer climates... to go soak their heads. :D :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday out to joggingguy... who very well may be wwway to busy to see this. :D Have a great day my friend and good year ahead. :)
Happy birthday Ward... (wbahner). May the seasons come and go... and leave you a better man for each experience. I hope you are well celebrated today and that you feel truly blessed.


~ same tree... same spot... just... buried a lot. :)