March 7th, 2008


Friday, March 7

I popped over to the grocery store to stock up on some cream and some fresh veggies and the place was a mad house. Every cash was buried in a line of at lease six people? You'd think we were being told the apocalypss was on it's way. It's a snow storm people... we tend to get a lot of them. !!!!

~ > ~ eh... blue jeans... black bermuda shirt and a hoodie. :)
~ ~ K... all this work stuff... is making me crazy. I really should have considered a life of leisure. I mean... maybe I can win a lottery or something and just be a slug for the rest of my life?
~ long day, addressing all the issues that the clients brought up in the last two days of conference calls.
~ and now? It's snowing... and I want very much to ignore it and go night skiing with Geo.
~ Tomorrow is supposed to be HELLISH with a blizzard and high winds... so if we want to have outdoor fun... it's tonight or forget it for another week. :(
~ ~ for KARE11 to CARE-alot... about the life and times of pixiecup... You know she's like totally cool right?
~ that my very precious friend, just1girlmanages to feel a little better soon...
~ that the egg-girl... (xaheras) manages to get the roomie under control... or out onto the street...
~ and that the lovely innerly... enjoys all that is new and vibrant, wrapping around her heart and soul.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my little debby(and I dunno about where you live, but "little debby" is a brand of cup cake around here, so I think it's a perfect fit :D :D) May you and your wonderful little family enjoy the best of fortune this next year and stay as healthy as you can... may you find the cartoon-like control for a giant anvil so you can drop it on folks that bug you, and ... I hope you manage to have some memorable moments today that will make getting just a wee tiny bit older ... worth it. :)

// K... I said "soul" in this post. First time in at least five of the last eight years of blogging. why? you might ask?
Why did I say it? or why don't I?
I said it... because it's the first time it's really worked in a wish ... and I don't usually because the greater concept of soul... is so completely taken over by silly religions and their goofy dogma.
I really hate saying things that sucks on the teet of their feeble attempts to control us.
"OH be good, follow our rules, give us your cash, and forgive every crazy-ass thing we do... that way your soul can go to heaven."
Seriously people... you've got to be kidding me?
That being said... I kinda like the Salvation Army... at least that religion fesses up to the fact that their a psudo paramilitary organization and ... they actually do good things in cities all over the world.

/ I love the Nokia 770. but the real issue is that is just frigg'en sucks. er... confusion reigns... i know I know...
It's such a great tech concept... and as long as you use it like a micro-miniature linux box and maybe only browse nominal webs... you're golden.
But it's just a giant pain in the arse to do any actual media work with.
(I say all this because getting the torchwood episodes to play on it... is once again, kicking my ass! :D)
Must must must get the darn touch.
Again with the hours and hours of airports and airplanes...
and no touch.
Bosses have been ... typically silent on the subject...
And not a single word at home. the birthday thing... appears to be long gone.
I really need to save my pennies. :D

K, see ya.

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omg night skiing is a blast. :)
~ Geo and I worked our way to the hill through the stupid snow storm... and we and the thirty-five other people at the hill had a blast with just ooodles of brand new snow everywhere.
~ Geo took his first kick at riding a rail on his board. :) He fell several times... and he had a vast amount of fun. :)

Ski hills... just look very different when lit artificially like that.
It was a strange ... good kind of strange, atmosphere... like it was just a party and it happened to be on a ski hill. Lots of mid-teens... a few moms and dads and wee ones too.
ah! Gah... a wee one actually "slid off the chair lift at the "get off here zone" and fell BACKWARDS down the front of the structure. (You kinda have to have been on a chair lift to know what I mean). It was high drama, but this little... like, 6 year old, was fine. I think his m&d were more freaked.