March 6th, 2008


Thursday, March 6

See... from my exp... dreads get a bit funky... :)

day two... mind numbing headache. :(
Far too many advil... it's not a migraine... at least, not yet... just a dull and throbbing head boomer.
I'm blaming work stress.
I had to blab away to a board room full of clients for five hours today... 5 of 8 spent on the phone.
Tomorrow will be better. I finished "my section" today (we're - a project team of 8 people - presenting 70 pages of a project plan) so tomorrow I can chill and work on some documents.

I have to leave sunday for another week in DC...
That is... if the weather lets me.
We've had 350 cms of snow so far this winter and we're expecting another 50 this weekend.
and there'll be no basketball games or socializing... it's going to be a week of madness and ties.
This is the cost of my kind of work... when it's on... it's like a fire hose shoved down your throat.
When it's off... I'm a total slob. :)

~ well... a rasta had that suz got in Bermuda.
~ a new red bermuda shirt...
~ and black jeans. :)
~ a full day (again) on the phone. Con-call hell.
~ dinner is beeping in the oven... breaded pork chops, roasted potatoes and corn! (Ok, the corn isn't in the oven)
~ tonight is a homeowners association meeting...
~ and hopefully some down time when I get back from that. I'm thinking... a big brother bonanza would be nice.
~ to send some love to teasdale... a woman who's strength is prol'y a mystery to her but more than clear to the rest of us.
~ to thank balljar... for the content. It's never anything but a treat.
~ and, pointing out the obvious, to say that it seems that princessblondie is just about ready to stop being a pregnant chick and start being a tired mommy. :) You're going to get through this sugar-meave... I promise. And you will soon slot every moment of this unease into dark corner ... because there'll be much sunshine in your day you'll hardly know what to do with yourself. :D

I have like... six great movies waiting on my lap top for a lonely hotel room. :)
I've already watched Juno... and omg... I was soooo amazingly happy to see a movie that brought happiness to the screen, you just can't imagine.
It was a wonderful movie. I think CJ ... is just such a great talent. (I forget her real name... but she's always going to be "CJ" to me, so ... whatever...)

my tummy is making so many freakish "gurgly" noises... you can't believe.
I'm pretty sure its the asa I just took. ibuprophin has been letting me down.
So I'm doing the evil asa...
we'll see.

Ok... time to go get the din on the table.
See you soon. :)
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