March 5th, 2008


Wednesday, March 5

Wednesday? Really... sigh.

Holy snow day batman!
Just... goofy.
I have spent the whole day with the worst headache... and the whole flipp'en day with a phone stuck to my face...
Meanwhile, two kids who didn't have to go to school needed minor management...
Just... just a long ass day. :(

Now, in typical canadian weather fashion... it'll get bazzingly cold and clear for a day or two ... then snow again.

Still no iPod Touch action.

At least I have a few epi's of torchwood to take to DC on my laptop... :)

~ black ftls, jeans, tee and hoodie...
~ k, that's kinda pathetic. I'll wear a red shirt tomorrow. :)
~ crazy ass day... which followed an even crazier day on Monday... :(
~ up till 2:00 am working on a report... and literally on a high stress con-call from 9:00 - 3:30... had to switch phones three times to keep up with batteries wearing out... :(
~ AND THE FUN BIT... I get to do it again tomorrow except we start at 8:00 ... sigh.
~ going to watch the end of Micheal Clayton... then go catch up on Big Brother. (I gotta admit... those hard HARD core losers are entertaining)
~ to send a little lj love out to groovysegue... because she's awesome...
~ to smile at danicia... 'cuz she's so flipp'en awesome too!
~ to grimmace at razzberee... because she's a zombie...
~ and to tell sirenity that she's a ten thousand dollar super woman in my books...

Birthday moments...
Sorry I missed yer birthdays yesterday... but I missed yesterday, completely. :)
Happy day late birthday Heather... (imamommie) I hope you were able to enjoy your day... being the busy mom. :) May the year ahead keep you and your little family well and happy.
And to the fabulous kea... (:D) happy day late birthday sugar. I hope all is well with you and that this year brings you all kinds of reasons to smile. :)
(and a quiet little thought out to Dawnmarie too...)

K, nothing makes me "throw up a little in my mouth" quite like listening to or reading news reports about the Russian so-called "Election".
Please... stop legitimizing their ridiculous farce by treating with anything approximating respect.
Next thing you know, they'll be paying honours to El Flip Chart Castro...
Oh, ... wait... too late.
More barf.

My BIL loaned me his wee tiny "hdd" (hard disk) video camera for the vaca.

If you're saving your pennies to buy a "Video camera" because you know... you're having kids and figure ... you gotta make vids, etc... do yourself a flavour...
Forget the cameras with the little tapes and all that crap...
Get a hard-disk camera... or better yet... one that records to giant smart-digital cards.
SMALLER is definitely better. Trade off all the wacked out features first. You will likely NEVER shoot video in the pitch dark... EVER.
Then even trade off a little quality... you're not Roman Polanski... accept it.
And then learn to enjoy shooting video and getting it on a dvd quickly.
If you absolutely must edit it... do it on moviemaker or iFilm or whatever it's called on a mac.
The less complicated you make this... I promise... the more likely you are to actually do any of it.
(looks at the little blinky green light on the dvd burner making the dvd of all the vacation videos)

my hands ... are extreamly angry with me for bringing them back from Bermuda.
It's like they aged three decades over night.
I gotta go slather on the lotion.

extra points for just knowing this song... versus having to google it. :)
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