March 2nd, 2008


Sunday, March 2

Where do I wish I still was?

lol... Actually, I'm glad to be home and facing the prospect of skiing and enjoying our home.
Vacations are nice... but they stop being "vacations" when they aren't book-ended with real life. :)

It's a c-c-c-c-cold but beautiful day here today.
We're still swamped with chores and the prospect of getting back to work tomorrow is ... daunting.
I'm off to DC again in a week, and sadly this coincides with the kids March Break (however, last week will have to suffice as my week with them).

Still no apple-touch in my pocket... a whole lotta talk about gifts and rewards... but nothing ever actually happens. :(
My birthday came and went and, for me, it was lovely. I don't feel older... I only feel ... better.

~ blue jeans, black tee and a smile.
~ up early today... while all the sleeping-babies snoozed...
~ editing pictures and trying to get a vacation post sorted.I keep the book thing in mind as I do it... we'll see if I ever get the time to catch up with all the "pending books". :)
~ no big plans... but I hope to go and visit some neighbors and bring 'em their "bermuda prezzies" later. :)
~ maybe get to sit and watch Juno later tonight. :)
~ I think the one thing I truly wish for right now... would be to be able to permanently stop picking at my thumbs. TMI I know... but hey, it's my wish zone!
~ for mentalconundrum to avoid getting full fledged sick ...
~ to send a smile out to bondas... just 'cuz...
~ and that wee tonya gets to feeling better soon. :)

Birthday catch up with those I missed when I was away...
A very happy birthday to a long lost girl... from back on the 23rd... Happy day lyselu and I hope you and your little guy are doing well.
And on the 24th! Happy late birthday to pookfreak... my sugar-pook... again with the "where ever you may be". I hope all is well and that you are enjoying days and nights that reward your wonderful spirit.
And to my LEAP girl... happy birthday sugar-red...(thatthingido). You're a treasure in my memory. May the next year keep you safe... bring you great happiness and maybe even let me have a coffee with you again. :)
And from yesterday, on the first of march... a happy birthday to a long time friend, and truly remarkable man, allyn. May the unfolding of your story be a page turner with happy endings and grand experiences. :)

Two Anglican churches in Ottawa decided they didn't like the whole "church support of same sex unions and gay ministers" deal.
So they held a little vote and decide to break with the Diocese and associate with one in South America... where they are far less tolerant of reality.
This is, after all, religion... why should reality have anything to do with things.
Well... after the vote, the bishop or whatever the local head-dude-in-robes is, asked for the keys.
"Sorry folks, but if you're not part of our church... we'll be taking our buildings and land back... thank you very much."
Oh hue and cry...
"But we raised the money for the renovations... we contribute weekly... this is our church!"
And the rebuttle...
"Please to be biting me ..."
Parishoners do NOT own the church.
The minister does NOT own the church.
Oh the Diocese will be happy to point out that they "OWN" the debt the church goes into when it over extends itself with charity, etc...
But the assets... BELONG TO THE CHURCH.
So they ask for the keys... and everybody has a hissy fit.
These have got to be some of the dumbest people on earth.
Oh and please all hurry off to the local parlor to have a giant L tattooed on your foreheads.

I think a small blue-tooth portable keyboard would be a great add-on to this little nokia 770.
That way I could actually take notes with it.
As it was... I spent my vacation scribbling notes on a pad and then typing them in when we got home.
I was utterly "disconnected" when I was away... and while that sounds weenie... I really like to be able
to type things up and look up stuff about where I am.
Must be wifi enabled next trip!! :(

I have two duplicate computers... a few years old.
Suz and I use them on our desks.
For some reason, all but two of the USB ports on her pc have caved.
The wireless keyboard/mouse still works.
The printer still works... in fact, it must be three working, because the scanner works.
But the empty usb port on the back and the two on the front... NADA. I can't get a usb key to work in them at all.
I've opened her up... but there's no loose wires.
It doesn't actually say their broken... just that it can't recognize the device "Unknow USB Device".
I'm stumped.
They all work fine on mine.

Ok... time to edit more pictures and stuff about the vacation. :)
See you soon.