January 28th, 2008


Monday, January 28

A beautiful day... no seriously... sunshine... fresh, soft looking snow.

Oh, and on the gross side... the nail is off. Now it's just an ugly finger tip. :(

I succumbed to temptation and bought a big ol'cat toy... a scratchign post, with a climb-on-me vibe... and, of course, she's running around playing with 2 cents worth of ribbon. "Hey Purrrcy... k'mere and play with your house... !!!!"

~ pj pants
~ big blue housecoat
~ sox!
~ shower and semi snaz...
~ downtown, to drop off stuff...
~ mom's to get a hair cut...
~ MILs to sort out a computer problem
~ home for conference call...
~ 4:00 pm off to airport...
~ 6:00 fly away...
~ four hours later... wander in hotel in DC, iron a shirt, and go to bed.
~ iPod touch... it's official... I'm now jonesing after the touch. damn... its very distantly out of sight but... it's time to make a plan. :)
~ that n5iln catches a break...
~ to send some good vibes out balljar... I have soooo been on that path... out the door with kitty... back again, alone. :(
~ that snwbrdette took more pictures...
~ and for heatherbell... to find things sorted out... and to find that change is good. :)

You know what really pisses me off...
Getting that "you're a racist vibe" when I say something like... "you know what I mean by black chick in music video dancing".
I mean... it's like that stupid vibe you get from whitey when you mention a black person being actually black "Who Bill? The black guy from Accounting?" and the white guy looks around like he's involved in some conspiracy... "gosh... I wonder if any african americans overheard you say BLACK". Oh shut the fuck up.
We went to that Alvin and the Chipmonks movie yesterday... and it was much better than I expected and the 10 year old crew of birthday boys totally enjoyed it.
In the middle of the movie... there's a "chipmonks make a music video" segment...
And who's on stage? Two black chicks doing that "black chick in a music video" dance thing.
It is NOT racist to observe this... It may be biased or unfairly stereotypical of the film makers to portray it... but the fact remains that there is a style of dance that is totally Salt'N'Peppa "black chick dancing"... and sure you see whitey doing it... but white chick got it from a black chick.
K... I'm done. :)
(ps. I wish I could dance like that... 'cuz then I'd have a huge ...oh, never mind.)

So Hillary is going down? Obama is going up? And people are passing on Edwards.