January 27th, 2008


Sunday, January 27

holy busy weekend batman!!

Making cakes, cleaning up, and getting zoned up for a quick trip to DC on Monday night.
AND I REALLY WISH I WAS SKIING. (But that'll have to wait for next weekend).

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ and long sleeve blue and white shirt.
~ making cup cakes!
~ oh, and going to see "Alvin & the Chipmunks" with 10 kids in the early afternoon, with a pizza and cup cakes party after at our house. :)
~ I had a spare minute...

Birthday moments...
Happy day-late birthday Kate... (selestialsun). I hope you're enjoying your weekend and that this year keeps you prosperous and happy. :)
And for today, happy birthday Noelle... (browneyedbabys) but seeing as it's been... oh, five years... I'm guessing you wont catch this message. :D lol.

It's been all about the cakes lately... :)
Made a french vanilla - butter cream (to die for) icing for one of the family get togethers...
Cup cakes for the school deal the other day...
And making more cup cakes right now... for the "kids party" this afternoon. :)

no seriously... very yummi icing... so light, it practically floats off the cake.

Today is Edwards 10th birthday. :)
He remains a foil to everything we learn in being parents to his older brother (Geo) and he is absolutely wonderful.
All kids have their moments, but they don't all melt your heart while their doing ... whatever it they do to drive you bonkers. :)
Happy Birthday my dear one... and thank you for ever moment.

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ok wait...
Someone out there must use an iPod touch or an iPhone.
is there a calendar feature?

I can imagine that it can display the google "calendar"... but is there one built into it?