January 24th, 2008


Thursday, January 24

pace pace pace pace.... :)
~ busy day.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ black jeans and tee
~ and a big warm furry hoodie. :)
~ full-on mad-cap day of phone calls, and reading material.
~ so basically, I read and yapped on the phone all day.
~ I promise... it was hard work.
~ really.
~ stop it.
~ :)
~ Left over pot roast for dinner... and DDR (am now officially into it and having fun - versus feeling dejectedly spazzy :D)
~ that circlek remembers... you can never truly escape the presance of slackers...
~ to point out how fortunate I am that I found moowazz forever ago. a "rare poster" but always wonderful.
~ that Sugar-Kriz (krizsa) is careful... the little bulbs may just be hot... :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday out to the (as in "the one and only") sassy_red_head. May the wonderful experiences in store for you this year lead you towards truly feeling grand about the personal miracles in life. Have a wonderful day... and remember, when the time comes, to not shove a turkey leg in baby's mouth instead of a bottle. :D

Wow!! Blizzard announces lawsuite loss
regarding World of Warcraft and
shuts down all related services at 4:0 PM EST.

... made ya look lol. geek.

If you listen real hard, you can hear every parishoner at Westboro Baptist Church yelling "look at me... pay attention to me..."