January 23rd, 2008


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~ kinda bummed... just woke up... passed out immediately after reading to Ed.
So I pretty much just lost a night.
I'm sure I needed the rest... but it still feels like a jip.
It's prol'y some kinda karma thing for talking smack about Heath.

~ yawn.

Ah well... g'night. :)
~ goes back to bed.

Wednesday, January 23

wednesday? Is it actually wednesday already?
It's like time has up and decided to screw with me lately.
The days are vanishing into a blurr of weeks,
Sleep is god!
Zombies R Us in the morning no matter what time we sleep.
I'm pretty sure I need an actual vacation.

In a few weeks... it's Bermuda time.
Family Adventure '08 is the little island with the big pastel heart.
Ok, fine... four weeks.

It was an absolutely perfect day to go skiing... crisp air, brilliant sun, fresh snow, and not much breeze.
So, of course, I spent the day pacing around the house on conference calls.
I tend to "walk it through" (or pace) when I'm on the phone.
I get to moving faster as I get feeling more intense... which I notice, slow down, and then calm down.
I also tend to go a little ocd with "half'ing everything". Step half way between the shadow from the legs of the chair... half way across the fride-space... halfway across a threshold... half half half.
This usually means I'm psychologically discounting what someone else is saying... effectively avoiding "listening" by distracting myself. Again... when I notice... I can change up and refocus.
Contast all this to me being face down in my drool a half hour into a teleconference sitting still at a desk in a cubicle somewhere.
I like my way better. :)

~ black ftls...
~ blue jeans...
~ blue chicago tee
~ and a blue sweater p-z sweater
~ sadly, the jeans are p-z too.
~ "sadly" because I don't get maneguin fees. :)
~ a day like no other... unless of course, you're me. In which case it is totally like others.
~ phone attached to face, logged into v-lans all over the place... printer going, and cell phone taking messages.
~ gah!
~ making a pot-roast for dinner (I've got to go get some taters peeled).
~ and - as long as I don't fall asleep again - hopefully, some ddr and sarah connor tonight. :)
~ to marvel at caroline75... just because she deserves to be marvelled at...
~ I could randomly overhear sassy_red_head daring streetlights as she walks by...
~ and to say to monkey... "red sky at night... sailors delight". :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday little miss starbuck... (gifgal). I hope you have a blast with the new nikon and that this day kicks off a grand year in the life and times of you.
And to myeah a very happy birthday. May recent good news set the pace for the year ahead and I do hope you are surrounded by love on your day. :)

Ok, sorry... but like I had to go through three solid re-loads of friends pages to get to anything of substance other than "omg ... heath is dead".
I'm sure it's a terrible loss and all very sad... surely.
However, there is little doubt in my mind that several people died yesterday that were significantly more important than a twenty eight year old A-Lister with too much money, too much press and endless recreation.
What's more... - besides the tongue in cheek reference to Cathy Smith - it was an overdose?
That's pretty much suicide-by-stupid and there's plenty of history in Rock and Film to remind us of just how stupid you have to be to end up as an also ran on that list.
But again... that's not even the real issue.
If it was Britany Spears... would everybody be so sad?
"Well no. She was blah blah blah... and he? He was blah blah blah..."
Like everybody actually knows these people and we're not, in reality, just sheep to a very scientifically precise entertainment industry.
Never-the-less... I have to admit, I feel sorry for the guy...
We go way back...
(back when I had that taboganing accident...)

you know... those potatoes aren't gonna peel themselves... :D