January 21st, 2008


Monday, January 21

It's Marty Jr day in land of the bosses and suv's... so I have no client contact... just me, my books and the laptop.
A productive day, to say the least. :)

It's a screamingly cold day... -27, then the wind...
So the boys were well bundled when they left... and I spent the day working with a blanket wrapped around me (I could have just got a bigger sweater or something, but the blanket was just too cozy. :D)

~ red ftls,
~ black jeans,
~ gray tee and big warm black hoodie.
~ plugging information into ms project all day long...
~ making an easy peasy dinner, and taking Ed to basketball practice.
~ more DDR tonight... I'm getting less spazzy...
~ maybe... just maybe... get to some ceiling work or fun tv... we'll see.
~ that all is well with the little something in nutmeg's life...
~ for nontradstudent to get the feathers out... and the heat back...
~ and for aristophren to find the health nut path and the right boots to beat it with...

Does your partner drag you down?
Is it just one thing after another for him/her?
Are you tired of the lack luster entertainment value?
Well suck ... it... up.
It's not your partners job to make you happy.
That's your job.
Their job is to support your happiness and reenforce it.
So quit whining and blaming...
Find yourself some happy and roll in it till you smell funny.
It sticks a lot better that way.

and... I gotta git. :)