January 20th, 2008


Sunday, January 20

It's a beautiful day in the land of sunshine and corto. I mean... it's stupid cold ... but we're tough... (and own many layers of warm things) so the cold is ok.
It's all this sunshine that gets me happy.

I went to the COMPANY GALA... the January excuse for a "we don't hold christmas parties at christmas...". It's all swanky and nice and I enjoyed myself. Zee was totally not into it so I took my sister. :)
Pictures later. :)

~ blue ftls
~ black jeans
~ black tee
~ blue pull-over.
~ I'm like a big bruise. :)
~ wake up early and gets loads done!!!!
~ sadly... I ended up burning the morning asleep on the sofa wrapped in my comfy house coat and dreaming about being productive. :)
~ now, we're heading out to Bayshore - giant evil shopping mall - to get the kiddies to burn christmas gift cards
~ later... get some more "Section B" basement work done... It's terrifically slow going. !!
~ watch Sarah Connor later tonight... :)
~ that little miss yum... yumikid and her squeeze get to feeling a whole lot better...
~ that Mz 21 weeks... totally digs the motion-in-the-ocean-of-her-tumm... and doesn't let her partner rest a coffee mug on her tummy when they're in bed... 'cuz little squirmy will surely toss it aside ... and coffee tends to be hot. :)
~ and to point out that I met groovysegue's body-double last night... :)

Birthday moments...
Sorry I missed your b-day damny... (Yesterday)... but then again... you haven't posted in FOR EVER so, you prol'y didn't notice. :) Happy birthday sugar-d and I hope things are looking up in the world of you.
and as for today!!! My dear little bum girl... (carorules) may your friendship with Dorothy bring you great joy ... and may this birthday mark a happy milestone in the unfolding of your life. You've been so amazingly kind to me and offered so much unsolicited support and love... I just want you to know that you have my greatest friendship and love... distant though it may be. Have a wonderful birthday little sugar-c. :)

We finished "The 4400". As far as I can tell we're caught up ... watching the entire multi season expanse of the show as torrent files... was keen. :) The show was totally fun and maybe a little predictable at times... but that's only because I'm so smart... :D ar ar ar...
Now it's time to try and catch up with Heroes.
... although Sarrah Connor and Torchwood are calling to me like sultry sirens on the waves.

Pictures from last night... will have to wait. :)
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Boss-man (drink in hand), moi, and co-worker dude:

Our table at dinner... artfully cutting out a couple I don't know well enough to publish... :D
And that's my sis beside me in the way-back.
(noting co-worker-chick in red. :D)

And the real reason I went to this shin-dig...
(to meet my coworkers spouses...
er... not to get pictures of boss-man drinking)