January 18th, 2008


Friday, January 18

Strange day... starting so warm... getting so blustery and snowy... then sunny... now windy and sunny... and freezing cold.

It's "pj day" at the kids school... so there they go... off to school in pj pants and tops... (I made Geo wear snow pants... brrrr!)

For some reason... I'm "off" today.
Well, not so much for some reason... more like... for a few reasons.

~ black on black with black...
~ but I'll be tooling up when I head out to go downtown and get my laptop back...
~ work work work...
~ gotta go downtown to get laptop,
~ to the kids school to bring Ed an invite to his b-day party that he forgot...
~ go to see suz at work and bring her a coffee...
~ drop by my units house to say hey...
~ and home to work work work...
~ er... what's for dinner? I'm thinking ribs.
~ I felt a whole lot better.
~ that darl'en sylvidoptera... finds her center...
~ for honuhoney ... to find a better throat...
~ and for carorules to STOP being silly. You've miles and miles to go before the world will allow you to feel old.

So two weeks ago a flight from Vancouver to TO had to emerg land in Calgary... injuries etc., because the plane, as the pilot described, "lost all power" and in their loss of control, it dropped fast and hard for 15 seconds. Those must have been damn long seconds. I wondered at the time... in a purely "action movie drama" kinda way... "what if the bad guys had hacked the airline systems and were just testing a new terror feature... shutting down a plane while it's in flight... you know... just testing it for 15 seconds."

And then yesterday... British Airways... pilot describes that "all of a sudden, we had no power or control" and their flight dropped early to smack the ground early on landing... no horrible injuries but ... devastating never-the-less. So again... I wonder... "just testing thanks..."

Now this is a great book or movie plot but just imagine... "ok, guys we're ready... hit the switch." ... and all the planes in the skies just drop.

... as I book my next flight to DC. :(

Woman in the Canadian public service snaps a pick of her boss slacking off and gets canned for bitching about him.
It's more complicated than that but that's the bottom line.
The word fair... just never seems to apply any more.