January 17th, 2008


Thursday, January 17

K, not so much with the sunshine today.
A gray day that promised coooold air and snow over night.


However... I don't care. :)
Because my mailbox brought me to gizmo land.

I know this comic book heroine-type character in Cambridge... I don't think she can fly... but she's that cool. :)
Anyways... she sent me a toy. A Nokia 770. The Apple Touch is the fabulous 2008 version of this gizmo from 2006.
It's a little bluetooth, wifi box of glory.
When she told me about it... I had the size all wrong from a poorly planned photo that messed with proportions. I was imagining it to be like... 12 inches across and 2 deep.
But this little devil is like... er... well two Apple Touches thick.
It does all the cool pda stuff... but I'm mostly keening out on the web browsing.
Although a big honking gig of a mini RS-MMC card might be a good add-on for music and stuff. :)

~ eh? Hoodie and jeans.
~ had a dressed-up moment earlier... for a trip to the office...
~ more crazy time with the client work... Like... tomorrow is FRIDAY... already?? This week just zoooooooomed by.
~ copy all the data off my laptop...
~ had to go downtown to the office and hand my laptop over to tech support. I'm having them re-image it.
~ go to Moores and buy a new dress up shirt. :) All I need is five nice shirts... for the five day trips to DC. :) I have a bunch of shirts, but only four I want to wear... well, now I have five. :)
~ home to check my mail box... AND BINGO! Cool Gizmo Lives There. :)
~ that you would go to http://musicovery.com and enjoy. This is one of the few "heh! Come check out this link" clicks that has continued to provide solid entertainment value beyond the immeidate "oh cool" moment.
~ that my little miss 'hey nice shoes' is careful... lest I knock her down when I jump on her to hug and squish my favorite Oxford Katie.
~ for sassy_red_head... to have had a good day being all-in-herself...
~ to point out that I think I'd have enjoyed working somewhere that odyssey_road worked...
~ and to hope that folks don't pay toooo much attention to darkbay's legs today... :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar-amy... (arlyn). May this next year ... keep mom in a good vibe... and bring you many more reasons to be thankful. :)
And happy birthday out to txgirlie... although I'm thinking shes somewhere else having fun. :)

Oh man... people DO NOT sell your funds. Geezus, buy some more while the market is busy sucking.
It's going to get worse... but it's going to get better too.
Did you make those investments for five years? or for thirty-five?
You've got lots of time for this to get better. :)

Saw Dentist Man today... a guy who will be building and installing my "bridge".
Remember a couple of years (gah!??? that long already?) ago when Dentist McStupid shattered my tooth doing a root canal?
Yeah, well I'm finally getting around to filling in that big empty spot.
No, I'm not getting an implant... a) they cost too much and b) The Mengela Crew wanted to graft bone from my hip to my jaw, and raise my sinus... um... yeah, can you spell "Screw That Bucko"? Good... so now it's all about a bridge. I'm a bit nervous... I mean... I get that way about ANYTHING that happens with dentists and my teeth... but mostly I'm so crazy freaking busy that I hardly have time to be worried.

Yeah, so gizmo has me grinning from ear to ear.
I guess... the idea is that getting something as a gift that you can't justify getting yourself but would love to have... it's pretty much why geeks get jobs with big companies... so they can get close to their altars.
So ... gizmo... is like bringing a little bit of the altar home. :)
(plants a kiss on mz mag... and promises to pay-it-forward.)