January 15th, 2008


Tuesday, January 15

Yeah, so the soccer playing robot dudes in Osaka on Amazing Race from a week ago Sunday.
I liked the little robot guy bonking his finger tips together. :)

K, when they came up with the idea of "perfect, beautiful days"... they were thinking about today.
Sunshine... cold but the sun was hot, so things go slushy and slippery... but brilliant brilliant sunshine... gobs and gobs of it.

I took my sis out last night to look at a place. She's getting her own digs after things finally went south with things ("Things" being the guy, and "south" being the suck!).
Nice place... I hope she's able to get it. :)

~ blue ftls, black jeans...
~ blue long-sleeve... black hoodie. :) (and it's got a furry-inside hood!)
~ oh man... if every day is like this... it's going to be a long year.
~ lots of work and lots of phone time... and I'm booking my next DC trip... Feb 4 to 8.
~ after work... a quick trip to a furniture store and *GASP* we decided on a sofa.
(see, we gotsta pick a sofa for the family room, so the family room sofa can go downstairs to the tv room. This "deciding" thing has been going on ... ever since I finished that room!)
~ dinner and then ... watching Geo's face as I tried to figure away of undoing his unfortunate "sync and erase" selection with his ipod. I tried a demo version of some ipod unerase program but it didn't find anything. :( New pc, and when he hooked up it prompted him to sync... poor kid. - Note: it was about 25 songs... which is small potatoes in the land of mp3... but he had "bought" all of them... Bummer.
~ just about finished Golden Compass with Ed (bedtime reading)...
~ and now it's now. Fresh cup of coffee... and I think we'll watch Amazing Race from Sunday. :)
~ for being "set free" to be everything it's cracked up to be for my sugar-toy... dailymom
~ that earthgoddess stays safe from the Secret Asian Man. :) :D
~ and the wonderful Mz Dot (dotcombabe)... gets totally threadless. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my little nutmeg. May this next year bring to you the grand and brilliant wonder of your baby's first this and thats... I know it's been a year.. but you'll never run out of firsts... believe me. :D And may you and your family find and hold the best of health as the calendar ticks away the months. :)

Watching a news item last night... US Car mfgs talking about the new inexpensive imports from China.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can see the memo that they all got "Ok, our line is Well they may offer an option to a used car buyer.... as they scrambled to shore up their hunched shoulders struggling to support a pathetic industry of overpriced, over done, over everything cars.
Dear Guys that invented SUVs...and then invented our desire for them;
What makes you think we'll ever listen to you again?

Okidoki... there is a god and her name is Mac Air.
[ :: Come See Why I Drool In The Daytime :: ]
No really... if someone is just sitting around on a stack of money ... thinking to themselves... "Gosh, it's about time I lavished expensive gifts on a Canadian..." you are welcome to buy me a Mac Air. k, thanks.

I spent part of the day working on a presentation for work...
and I figured I'd plug into the big screen to do that. :)
Yes, I look dorky... I blame the flash. :)

mm... k. See ya soon.