January 14th, 2008


Monday, January 14

Yeah... so brrr.
Cold, snowy and ick. Good day to be inside and warm. :)

Got up... got the boys up, fed and off to the bus... and then skiiiidaddled back to bed and the electric blanket till about 8:15. Oh man... total heaven. :D :D

~ black ftls
~ black jeans
~ black exploding universe shirt and...
~ (drum roll)... a black hoodie.
~ no, I'm not in a dark mood or even mildly gothic... I just have way too many black clothes.
~ a day logged into multiple v-lans, on the phone and trying to keep up.
~ day's almost done... and I plan to have a nice dinner (been cooking the "no thinking dinner" for a couple of hours... bone-on chicken breasts, sitting in a big oblong pan full of uncooked rice, water and a stirred-in can of mushroom soup.)...
~ work on Section B of the basement ceiling project... still laser'ing out the trim lines around the edges.
~ to send some strength to lique...
~ to send love to tonya... and tell her how adorable her little izzy is... (can I say Izzy? or did you just get all dark and stormy?)
~ and to send some get-well-soon vibes off to little miss lindalee_

Birthday moments...
A very happy, but sadly, two-days-late, birthday wish out to jenlovefl2003. May this next year bring you good fortune, wonderful health and lots of love.
and from yesterday...
A very happy birthday to shebear... so many years!! I hope your day brought you much to smile about and that you keep bringing such wonderful moments into your journal.
Happy birthday annietopia... may you find great love and all the happiness that goes with it in your life as this year rolls by...
And to venusrising, happy birthday and I hope you enjoy this last year of childhood... you become an actual untrustworthy grown up next year. :)
And a very happy birthday to phej... and I hope I get to share some time with you when I'm in DC next... (early February). May the year ahead bring you great success.

Have you watched "A Daily Show"? This is the "while the writers are on strike" solution for "The Daily Show".
Dear Money Grubbing Hollywood:
Please relent for gods sake and admit that you're NOTHING without the writers.
Even book writers continue to make royalties for the various forms their works are presented in...
Come on already... ENOUGH.

Oh... and meanwhile... thanks to ayoub I'm ready for the new seasons of Primeval and (THE BIG ONE) for the new season of "Torchwood!".
I still have most of this seasons Heroes to watch... and Lost is coming back on?
Oh, and I taped The Sarah Conner Chrons... any one watch? Was it good?
GAH!!! WWWWAY too much tv out there. :)

The improbable textures of clouds that will soon descend and wrap the world in a desperate fog,
Moonlit from above, on a late night jet flight.
A landscape unlike anything you've ever seen.
Something imagined while reading a book about wizards and relms and magic.
Yet there it is... plane as night and incomprehensible in it's bigness.

Ski day yesterday... :)